24 Times Grizzly Bears Reminded You About Your Own Life!

1. When you weren’t invited to the party but show up anyway.


2. When you’re SURE you weren’t going over the speed limit.


3. When it’s cold out and you just wanna come inside and warm up but you forgot your keys.


4. When you visit a public pool and all the other kids scream and run away from you.


5. When you have a big night out and regret the photos the next day.


6. When you’re trying to lick the bottom of the yogurt container but can’t quite reach.


16 Picture That Will Give You Richie Rich Goals

1. When your cats are unruly, but it’s OK cause you’re rich so you come up with a solution.


2. When you just really care about the environment, man.

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3. When you f*#k up.

4. When you just want to get to sleep.

5. When you hate crowds.

6. When you hate everyone except your doggie, and also you’re really, really rich.

7. When you don’t have any free hands.

23 Cats Who are All Set to Destroy Patriarchy

1. This cat doesn’t give a damn about body-shamers.


2. This cat believes that the phrase “walk of shame” stigmatises women’s sexuality.

3. This cat is protesting representations of women in the mainstream media by shredding a newspaper into a thousand tiny pieces.

4. This cat is always keeping an eye out for sexist microaggressions.

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5. This cat doesn’t take shit from any man, or other cat.


6. This cat is fighting back against the manspreaders.


This Open Letter to Adult Acne is the Most Hilarious Thing You Will Read Today!

Hello there, adult acne.


Hope all is well.

Nope that was a lie.


Because I sincerely HATE YOU.


You are the worst kind of swole.


The kind of swole I can maybe tolerate:


The kind of swole I no longer have the wherewithal to tolerate:


15 Facts That You Don’t Wanna Know

We have compiled facts that will ruin your day and make you hate everything for at least an hour. And this is not a joke. Go ahead.

1. If you eat fast food on a regular basis. its believed that you consume around 12 pubes every year.

2. You’re less human and more bacteria.

The ratio between human cells and bacteria, in the body of a healthy human adult, is approximately 10:1.

3. The maximum the banana slugs can grow in length is between 6-8 inches. Interestingly, their penises can be as long as themselves, when erect. Adding on, a banana slug’s penis grows  on its head.



    4. Substitutes for natural flavoring are made from a gland that’s near a beaver’s anus.

    5. Did you know that your cell phone has ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat?

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