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18 Husbands That Went Out Of Their Way To Make Their Ladies Feel Loved

Husbands are very unpredictable. They might forget your birthday or your anniversary date, but they’ll do these little, adorable things that will make you go all awww.

  1.  This Husband came up with this amazing idea


2. This Husband surprised his wife by making her this delicious breakfast. Looks so cute and perfect.


3. His wife told him to bring a ‘Cute Fall Cake’ on his way back from Office and this is what he bought her..


4. ┬áThis Husband showed his smartness by putting his wife’s delicates on the lamp-head for drying

25 Crappy Life Hacks That Will Make You Burst in Laughter

People search online for daily life tips in order to save time and get done with their simple tasks with as less energy and resources spent as possible. We have compiled these shitty life tips for you that might not be of any use but you’ll definitely get your dose of humor fulfilled for the day. Check these out! (h/t: boredpanda)

1. Nobody carries a bottle opener in their car. Use the metal buckle of your seat belt to open your beer bottle while driving.


2. Use your shopping cart as an outdoor grill if you don’t have one.


3. When in class, this could come in handy. Eat, while your teacher thinks you’re reading.

4. Tired of the coffee stains that wont go away? Dip your pants in a tub filled with coffee to get a uniform color.

5. Cut your tennis balls into half to store more balls in one jar.