12 Facebook Reactions They Should Actually Add To Posts

7. The “Trophy Or Medal?”

When you should use it: When that one person posts an update about how “they normally never post this type of stuff” but they’re like, having a charity bake sale or helped an old lady across the street and they think they’re suddenly worthy of being canonized.

8. The “TMI”

When you should use it: When someone posts something that makes you want to log off of the internet forever.

9. The “We Get It, You Work Out”

When you should use it: When that person from your office posts ANOTHER sweaty CrossFit picture, and you just want to be able to scroll through your Newsfeed in your sweats while eating Ben & Jerry’s from the pint in peace.

10. The “You Don’t Know This, But You’re Racist”

When you should use it: When you need to remind your crazy uncle that it’s the 21st century, and he should act accordingly.

11. The “I Secretly Enjoy Your Political Rants”

When you should use this: When you see ANOTHER person post a link from The Onion about Bernie or Trump thinking it’s real, but you just really want to get back to looking at cute cat pictures.

12. And finally, the “I Hadn’t Thought About You Since High School”

When you should use it: When you’re scrolling through your Newsfeed, and come across that person who was in your junior English class, and then you go down a deep social media dive and realize they’re engaged with twins on the way. Wait, who is this person again?

h/t: Buzzfeed