15 Facts That You Don’t Wanna Know

We have compiled facts that will ruin your day and make you hate everything for at least an hour. And this is not a joke. Go ahead.

1. If you eat fast food on a regular basis. its believed that you consume around 12 pubes every year.

2. You’re less human and more bacteria.

The ratio between human cells and bacteria, in the body of a healthy human adult, is approximately 10:1.

3. The maximum the banana slugs can grow in length is between 6-8 inches. Interestingly, their penises can be as long as themselves, when erect. Adding on, a banana slug’s penis grows ¬†on its head.



    4. Substitutes for natural flavoring are made from a gland that’s near a beaver’s anus.

    5. Did you know that your cell phone has ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat?