16 Proofs That Logic Is Beyond The Female Species

7. Same with bites of things. 1 Bite = 0 calories.

Logically, it would then follow that bites of multiple things also equal zero calories.

8. The constant struggle between want and need

The primary reason I want a thigh gap is that it would make the perfect cup holder for the jumbo jar of Nutella that I spoon into my mouth every day.

9. This is actually quite logical. It’s been proven that we remember negative things longer and in more detail.

For example, if you genuinely dislike a picture from this article, that is what you will remember most about this whole article.

10. I don’t know that this is accurate at all, do you?


11. I never really understood the point of these, either

Until a some one on reddit pointed out that they are the perfect firmness for sexual aids.

12. Sometimes you don’t understand us, but it’s cool because sometimes neither do we