17 Perks & Jerks of being the Only child!

1. Growing up an only child doesn’t mean you get everything you want.

Only Child 1


2. Especially if you have strict parents.

Only Child 2


3. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spoilt or bratty either.

Only Child 3


4. Only children aren’t always lonely.

Only Child 4


5. And it’s not as boring as people think.

Only Child 5


6. Often we have a lot of friends who make up for our lack of siblings.

Only Child 6


7. But knowing we’ll never get to be an aunt or an uncle makes us feel melancholy.

Only Child 7


8. We appreciate our cousins way more than you’d imagine.

Only Child 8


9. Contrary to popular belief, not all only children are selfish and don’t know how to share.

Only Child 9