23 Shocking Facts About Your Favorite Disney Cartoons That Will Make You Feel Old!

7. These Disney collector cups were sold at Burger King locations back in 1994, a full 21 years ago.


8. Christina Aguilera’s single “Reflection” — from the Mulan soundtrack — was released in June 1998. Jaden Smith was born the following month (July 8, 1998).


9. Riley turned 12 at the end of Inside Out, meaning she ~theoretically~ wasn’t alive when Monsters, Inc. came out in 2001.


10. Most teens today won’t recognize these bulky VHS cases, as Disney has been releasing titles on DVD worldwide for over 15 years.


11. Disney’s California Adventure theme park opened in 2001 — two years before MySpace first launched in 2003.


12. It’s been 20 years since A Goofy Movie was released.