28 Pictures That Reveal How Different The World Was in 2007

See how your favorite stars have changed over the years! From Selena Gomez to Paris Hilton. Britney Spears to Beyonce, it hilariously shocking how different they are today. Come to think of it, they were more normal then. Seems like they have gone totally bonkers in almost a decade.

1. Selena Gomez wearing a denim vest with Converse at the Surf’s Up premiere.


2. Kim Kardashian texting on a Sidekick.


3. Rihanna talking with Josh Hartnett on TRL.


4. Rachel Bilson and Rihanna looking PISSED at a Zac Posen show while that guy from Good Charlotte and Nicole Richie cozy up. This isn’t even the most 2007 picture on the list!


5. Paris Hilton and Kim deep in conversation with Justin Timberlake (maybe about Cameron Diaz? IDK).


6. Britney Spears wearing a fedora. So…tasteful. So iconic.


7. Kim and Khloé taking a selfie on a point-and-shoot camera. And people say the Kardashians don’t have talent!