28 Pictures That Reveal How Different The World Was in 2007

22. Also, Mandy Moore and Shia LaBeouf at the Kids Choice Awards. Maybe they’re thinking about a Princess Diaries–Even Stevens crossover?


23. Justin and Cameron at the Shrek the Third premiere. Love is dead.


24. Barack and Hillary at the first Democratic presidential debate. 2007 was…a simpler time.


25. Dane Cook? Jessica Alba? TRL? What a trip down memory lane!


26. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron NEED to get back together. Also, hello, Paula Abdul!


27. Triple H: Haylie Duff, Holly Madison, Hilary Duff. 2007: What a time to be alive!


28. And we saved the best for last: Ashley Tisdale in flip flops hanging with Corbin Bleu and the Jonas Brothers at the Disney Games carpet. 2007 WAS AGES AGO!!!


h/t: Buzzfeed