Amber Heard’s insurance refuses to pay $8m damages as she ‘wilfully’ defamed Johnny Depp

Since the actress “wilfully” defamed” Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s insurance company claims that it is not required to pay a part of the $8 million in damages due to him.

Amber Heard's insurance company is refusing to cover part of the $8.3million in damages the actress owes ex-husband Johnny Depp following her defamation trial in May

The Aquaman actress was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband Depp after she published a 2018 article about experiencing domestic abuse, and she was sentenced to pay him $15 million (£12 million) in compensation and punitive damages as a result.

Heard’s countersuit for $100 million (£83 million) was successful on one count, and she was awarded damages of $2 million (£1.6 million), bringing her total obligation to the 59-year-old to over $8 million (£6.6 million).

Consequently, the 36-year-old was hopeful that her $1 million (£800,000) liability policy with New York Marine and General Insurance Co. would save her from having to pay the amount.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the policy covers a variety of wrongful acts, including defamation, TMZ pointed out that under California law, which controls the policy, an insurance company is not obligated to pay if the insured party engaged in wrongful, willful misbehavior.

The company stated that in addition to the jury finding Amber guilty of intentional defamation, it was also determined that her actions were malicious.

New York Marine are currently asking the judge to rule that, in accordance with their policy and the law, they are not obligated to cover the Danish Girl star’s damages.

After losing the defamation case, Amber’s attorneys are now asking the court to declare a “mistrial,” alleging juror “error.”

According to the actress’s legal team’s filing, a 77-year-old who was summoned for jury duty really appears to reside at the same location as a 52-year-old with “the same surname” and was the juror actually seated during the trial.

Amber recently said that she could see why some could brand her and her ex-husband as “Hollywood brats” for taking their disputes to court, but she stressed that the case involved much more than just a former couple exposing their dirty laundry in public.

Johnny Depp during the trial

Speaking to NBC Today journalist Savannah Guthrie during her first TV interview after losing the court battle, she admitted: ‘I would not blame the average person for looking at this and how this has been covered and thinking that this is Hollywood brats at their worst.

‘But what people don’t understand is that it is actually so much bigger than that. This is not only about our First Amendment right to speak.’ The 36-year-old celebrity added that she was shocked by the “vitriol” directed at her on social media. She also insisted that she spotted Johnny’s supporters waving banners with death threats outside the courthouse.

Amber Heard interview with Savannah Guthrie on TODAY June 15 2022

‘Every single day I passed three, four, sometimes six city blocks lined with people holding signs saying ‘Burn the witch’ and ‘Death to Amber’,’ she claimed.

‘After three-and-a-half weeks I took the stand and saw a courtroom packed full of Captain Jack Sparrow fans who were vocal, energized.’