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Mom reveals her shock to learn her 10-year-old son had arranged a house party without telling her

Imagine seeing 31 kids on your on Monday saying that they are here to attend a party which you didn’t throw! This mum found herself in a similar situation and reveals her shock to learn her 10-year-old son had invited 31 classmates to a party at her house without telling her – and she only found out when a friend texted to get the details to check.

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Diane Campbell, a resident of Bolton, didn’t learn her son Max was in charge of planning the end-of-year party until a friend gave her a picture of an invitation and mentioned that her son was excited to attend.

The naughty child had been inviting his classmates to a party at his house on July 25 keeping his mother unaware of it.

Diane Campbell has revealed her shock at learning her 10-year-old son Max, pictured, had organised a party for 31 classmates at their house without telling her

Luckily Diane discovered the plan a week earlier, and the other parents were informed that the party would not take place.

Diane, a 50 years old professional singer and DJ, said: ‘My friend messaged me to tell me that her son was excited to come to Max’s party.

‘I messaged her back and said “what party?” She told me Max had invited everyone from his class to an end-of-school party.

The cheeky schoolboy had been inviting his classmates to the party at his house on July 25, despite his mother knowing nothing about it. Pictured, the invitations written by Max

‘I had to make a status on Facebook asking people to message me because I had no idea how many invites he’d given out.

‘It’s a big school and there are still loads of parents I haven’t even met or spoken to.

‘Max told me he’d found the invitation cards in my card box from when he had a birthday party before and had filled them out without me knowing.

Fortunately Diane, pictured with her son, learned of the plan a week in advance and was able to contact the other parents to let them know the bash wasn't happening

‘He said he wanted an end-of-term party because Year Six gets one – going from primary to secondary school – and he doesn’t.

‘Nobody turned up, thanks to Facebook, although the neighbors and friends did joke that they were going to gate crash the party with wine and beer.

‘I’m thankful we have Facebook, otherwise, I’d have had 31 kids at my door on Monday.’


Wannabe drug dealer caught on the first day dealing after turning to crime to pay off debt

In a hilarious turn of events, an amateur drug dealer got caught on the first day of his dealing career. Just imagine! Rudy Young, a resident of Blackpool, Lancashire, was engaged as a scrap metal trader until his marriage broke down and he became addicted to cocaine.

The 35-year-pricey old’s habit led to debt accumulation, so he turned to deal as a way to get money.

However, authorities examined Young’s automobile after noticing a person peering through the window on January 20, 2021.

Wannabe Drug Dealer Caught On The First Day

Two mobile phones, £450 in cash, many snap bags containing white powder, and text messages on one of the phones pertaining to drug trading were also discovered inside, prosecutor Claire Larton told Preston Crown Court.

After his 16-year marriage came to an end, Young started using cocaine more frequently as a coping mechanism, according to Julie Taylor, the defendant’s attorney.

After that, he racked up substantial debts and was under pressure to settle them. Young decided to sell narcotics to pay off his obligations because he was worried about the effects it would have on his family and his business. He was also handed a mobile phone to receive orders.

He was caught on his first day. Credit: LancsLive/MEN Media

“He wasn’t very successful,” Taylor said. “He got caught on the very first day.”

Young admitted to possessing Class A drugs with the intent to resell them. He has only received two cautions and no prior convictions, the court was informed.

“You are obviously a resourceful person since you set up your own business as a licensed scrap metal trader,” said Judge Simon Medland QC during the sentencing process. You want to succeed in the world and in your relationship.

Wannabe drug dealer caught on first day dealing after turning to crime to  pay off debt - Daily Star

“Your problem arose inevitably because you began to take cocaine, which is a destructive, addictive, and expensive substance.

“Those who take it inevitably can’t afford it, and you end up being trapped up in a cycle of your own causing, where you are brought into contact with those who are serious criminals who want you to do their work.

“My message that Class A drugs destroy people’s lives is one I am sure you agree with. They destroy people’s health and well-being, and they destroy people’s social stability. All those things they have done to you.”

Even though Young had no prior convictions and there had been a significant delay in getting the case to court, the judge acknowledged that the case had crossed the custody threshold.

Ipswich drugs duo jailed for over 6 years | Suffolk Constabulary

Young also adhered to a curfew that was electronically tracked and helped the probation service create a pre-sentence report.

Young was given a two-year sentence from Judge Medland QC with two years of probation, as well as 150 hours of unpaid labor.


Kevin Hart gives Chris Rock a live goat named Will Smith during a comedy show

In a bizarre twist of events, Kevin Hart gifted Chris Rock a goat during a live comedy show and named him “Will Smith”! Kevin Hart has explained his decision to present Chris Rock with a goat on stage during his stand-up show at Madison Square Garden.

Hart, who over the weekend was joined by Dave Chappelle for the New York performance as well, stated to the audience that the goat’s name was Will Smith in an obvious allusion to the notorious Oscars brawl between Rock and the Hollywood star.

Footage of the gig showed Rock protesting against accepting the goat, remarking: “I’m not taking care of that s***!”

Rock and Will Smith got into an altercation at the Oscars comedy in March, as fans are aware. To everyone’s surprise, Smith stormed up to Rock during the dramatic on-stage incident and smacked him in the face.

It happened after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia-related shaved head.

Hart couldn’t help but make fun of the situation at their co-headlining show when accompanied on stage by fellow comic Dave Chappelle months after the initial uproar and Smith’s public apologies.

Kevin Hart gifts Chris Rock a GOAT called Will Smith live on stage during  their comedy show - Minmin Tv Cp

In a clip, which has emerged on TikTok, the Fatherhood star is seen holding the goat’s lead and says: “What the f**k did you just say?”

“Don’t act like I’m crazy, you brought the goat here. This n***** [the goat] is confused with the f**k is happening. What you gonna name this goat Chris?” Chappelle asked, to which Hart, not missing a beat, responded: “The name is Will Smith.”

The moment left the audience howling with laughter, leading Hart to ask the crowd deadpan: “What? What did I say?”

The video which has been liked over 28,000 times received a thousand of comments from users who said it was ‘the best joke ever’.

One wrote: “That’s the best joke ever,” while another added: “That’s hilarious”.

He's Got Jokes': Kevin Hart Presented Chris Rock With a Goat Named Will  Smith

A third commented: “Freaking hilarious”.

On Monday (25 July), Hart recalled surprising Rock with the goat live on stage on during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Chris is a mentor, friend, inspiration,” Hart told Fallon.

Kevin Hart gifts Chris Rock a GOAT called Will Smith live on stage during  their comedy show - otrpills

“He’s a large part of the reason that I am where I am today in my career just from his advice, his insight, et cetera, and he’s my G.O.A.T.

“He’s my guy, and I wanted him to feel that.”

Hart admitted that he didn’t quite expect the goat to act up after calling his “goat guy” to help with the prank.

Kevin and the goat were joined on stage by Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. Credit: NBC

He added: “In my mind, I thought the goat is gonna come out and do a tight 2 minutes.

“Instead, he s**t on Chris’s shoes. He destroyed Chris’s shoes. Chris had on some white moon boots, and the goat got him.”


A viral TikTok shows a Queen’s guard shouting at a tourist for touching his horse’s reins as they pose for a photo

A popular TikTok video from early July shows a member of the Queen’s Guard yelling at a tourist who touched the reins of his horse. The guard was criticized on social media by TikToker Ethan (@ phigs), who said he would “never return to London” as a result of the incident.


We Will Never Return To London After This Incident #queensguard #london #england #fypシ

♬ original sound – Ethan

A woman can be seen in the video clip standing next to a soldier on a large black horse outside London’s Buckingham Palace. Ethan reveals that the woman is his step-mom.

In order to get a good shot, Ethan’s stepmother moves up to the horse and the guards and eventually reaches out to grab the reins.

The horse shows signs of apparent agitation when she performs this, which makes the guard unhappy. Just as the photo is being taken, he shouts at the woman: “Stand back from the Queen’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins!”

Tourist Screamed At By Queen's Guard After She Touches His Horse

Ethan’s step-mom is startled and steps away from the horse in fright. Her stepson mentioned in the video’s caption: “We Will Never Return To London After This Incident.”

The video has generated a lot of buzzes since he posted it on TikTok, garnering over 4.7 million views and tens of thousands of comments.

Many people criticized Ethan’s stepmother for petting the guard’s horse in the comments section, pointing out that both the soldier and his animal were on duty.

“Serves her right you aren’t allowed to touch the guard,” one person wrote, while another added: “It’s not Disney they are working horses and serving army.”

Tourist shocked after Queen's guard screams at her for touching reins on  his horse - Daily Star

“You do realise they are actual guards and not just tourist attractions,” a third chimed in.

An Army Spokesperson also gave an official response to the incident.

“We take all incidents like this seriously and want to ensure all those who visit Horse Guards have an enjoyable time,” they said per The Mirror.

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They continued: “This area is particularly busy with tourists and on occasions, the soldiers undertaking Guard duty need to shout loudly to alert members of the public if they get too close to the horses, which happened in this case.

“We have signs placed alongside the horse boxes, stating that the horses bite and would always encourage the public not to get close to horses, as, after all, they are animals and can be unpredictable.”


Tesco Shopper gets Clubcard Tattooed On Arm So He Never Misses A Bargain

Want to stop frequently forgetting your Tesco Clubcard? This man, though, offers a remedy for your forgetfulness. Last Saturday (July 16), the 30 years old Dean Mayhew spent £200 to have the QR code from his Clubcard permanently inked at A Star Tattoos in Chessington, southwest London.

Dean Mayhew got his Clubcard tattooed on his arm

Now that the store offers a variety of discounts and specials, Dean always carries his card with him.

Dan Rossetter, a tattoo artist, is shown stenciling the code onto a piece of paper before applying it to Dean’s wrist in a video that has now gone viral on TikTok.

The tattoo artist is then seen meticulously copying the complex code with his needle in the hope that Tesco will be able to scan it.

Dean and Dan attempt to use the code to purchase cookies in the video by going to the closest Tesco store. Unfortunately, because of the strange angle, Dean is unable to sufficiently bend his arm to allow the code to scan.

After what appears to be a failure, the cashier tries his luck and manages to scan the tattooed Clubcard.

Since the tattoo has impressed TikTok viewers, expect to see some imitators in the near future. Depending on how many different discount cards someone possesses, there may also be armfuls of QR codes.

Dean went under the needle so he would never forget his Clubcard

One said: “Late game capitalism,” as another joked: “@Tesco you’ve got to change his membership number.”

A third added: “That’s brilliant,” while a fourth wrote: “F*****g class.”

Dean said he now uses it all the time: “I’m chuffed, I love it and use it all the time. I use it every morning when I go to Tesco before work.

“I used it this morning. It’s one of those things where I get to see people’s faces and make them smile.”

“One lady giggled and asked me for a photo” he admitted.

Dean says the tattoo works best on manned checkouts

Dean said at the moment of decision. “I’ve wanted to do it for ages, about three months I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I just thought it would be funny.

The QR barcode can be read by handheld scanners

“They’re (cashiers) just stunned and look at me and say ‘that’s not real’ and I say it is.

“I just thought it is what it is, even if it didn’t work it still looks alright.”


Monkeys Grab Girl Through The Bars After She Repeatedly Hit Their Enclosure left people shocked.

A group of spider monkeys in a zoo exacted revenge on a young woman when they grabbed her by the hair because she kept banging their enclosure. The girl was captured on camera swinging towards the chain link fence enclosing the spider monkey enclosure while holding her phone in the other hand.

The girl is seen getting near enough to the enclosure fence when the video, which was released to TikTok and quickly went viral, shows a monkey reaching through to grab her by her hair.

Before other people can rescue the girl and frighten the animal away by waving towels at it, the monkey starts yelping and shrieking.

Fortunately, the girl didn’t seem too hurt after she was set free. However, things didn’t finish there because a few seconds later, the girl went straight by the monkeys in their cage again and got too near for them to re-grab her.

A girl was joking around at a Mexican zoo when a spider monkey grabbed her by the hair for nearly 13 seconds before a boy pulled her away. The footage was shared on TikTok last Saturday and had been viewed more than 8.1 million times as of Friday

This time, two monkeys join up to grab her hair, but the girl is able to rapidly free herself by pulling to freedom.

Many have questioned why she even went back for a second after being so near to the monkey enclosure in the video, which has received more than eight million views.

Many people agreed with the statement “sorry but she began it” made by one user.

Others questioned why the girl’s immediate surroundings didn’t intervene sooner because after she is first kidnapped, everyone just stands about and laughs for a short while.

The spider monkeys are able to grab hold of the girl's hair. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

Someone said ‘everyone laughing while she gets her wig snatched’, and another commented, ‘they just sitting back letting it happen do something’.

More comments expressed their belief that the girl — and indeed everyone — would learn from this experience that disturbing animals in their habitat is never a good thing.

The monkeys were able to grab the girl again as she walked past their enclosure. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

Although they appear to be little and cuddly, spider monkeys are wild animals that, if kept in captivity, may develop the habit of attempting to attack humans.

In general, it’s a good idea to remember the phrase “look, don’t touch” when it comes to zoo animals.

spider monkey | primate | Britannica

Despite her claims to the contrary, spider monkey expert Dr. Victoria Milne cautioned that approaching too closely and trespassing into the animals’ enclosures could be was “very disruptive.”