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Erdoğan keeps Putin waiting for 50 seconds in an awkward moment ahead of the Tehran talks

The Russian president received a treatment he typically reserves for other world leaders: he was left standing alone as the camera shutters clicked away. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, was left awkwardly waiting to see Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, in a room in front of a crowd of media.

But the Russian leader was left waiting for a toe-curling 48 seconds until his Turkish counterpart finally appeared

Tuesday’s footage before the meeting shows Putin shifting his weight, making uncomfortable faces, and fidgeting for about a minute before ultimately being received by Erdogan.

It was unfamiliar territory for the Russian leader, who has earned a reputation for purposefully delaying the start of scheduled conversations with international leaders, sometimes for hours. Some others hypothesized that it might have been retaliation for Erdogan waiting so long to enter the conference room at a 2020 meeting in Moscow that he took a seat.

On Tuesday, reporters watched as Putin entered the room with authority, anticipating that Erdoan would soon do the same. Instead, he was left standing while cameras clicked.

The normally stoic Russian leader was spotted shuffling his feet and sucking his cheeks during the 50-second wait while holding his hands in front of him. Finally, with a hint of irritation, Putin let his hands drop by his sides as Erdoan stepped out and the two shook hands

“Those 50 seconds that Erdoğan made Putin wait, looking frazzled in front of cameras say plenty of how much has changed after Ukraine,” Joyce Karam, senior correspondent at Middle Eastern media organization National News, said in a Twitter post.

The discussion, according to Karam, was Erdogan’s “sweet retribution” for Putin leaving the Turkish president waiting for almost two minutes prior to a meeting in 2020. At the time, footage widely disseminated by Russian news agencies showed Erdogan and his entourage were made to wait outside in an antechamber, humiliating them, according to Turkish media.

Erdogan's stunt mirrors an incident in Moscow two years ago where Putin kept him waiting for two minutes, leading some to suggest this was 'payback'

A compromise has been mediated by Erdogan to free up thousands of tons of grain that Russia has been barricading in Ukrainian ports.

According to the 1936 Montreux convention, Turkey, a member of NATO, is specifically responsible for naval traffic entering the Black Sea. It suggests that Russia permits grain ships from Ukraine to depart Odesa via predetermined routes, subject to verification that the ships are not transporting armaments.

Putin, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, and Erdogan were in Tehran to agree a new framework for Syria - but the summit was overshadowed by Ukraine

Putin thanked Erdogan for serving as a mediator and noted that some progress had been achieved, but he was less taken aback by his plans to create a buffer zone south of the Turkish-Syrian border.

Erdoğan claims the buffer zone would shield Turkey from attacks by Syrian Kurds and maintains it is “not possible to expect Turkey to sit idle and aloof from this problem”.

Tehran summit marked the first time Putin has met with a NATO leader since Ukraine war, after West made Russian a pariah state over the invasion

In 2003, Putin was 14 minutes late for the Queen, and a year prior, he kept waiting for two hours at a cemetery for the parents of children murdered in an aircraft tragedy. In June 2015, Putin arrived an hour late for his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Before a meeting with the Russian president that was supposed to take place in Helsinki in 2018, the US president at the time, Donald Trump, was kept waiting for 45 minutes.

Putin has been forced to deepen ties with Turkey and Iran - until now allies of convenience - after his plan to topple Ukraine's regime backfired

According to Radio Free Europe, Viktor Yanukovych while he was the president of Ukraine once waited four hours before meeting with Putin, while Angela Merkel was kept waiting for four hours and fifteen minutes in 2014.


Warner Bros. Was Sued By Tattoo Artist For Copying Mike Tyson’s Famous Tattoo In Hangover II

S. Victor Whitmill, a tattoo artist, sued Warner Brothers for copyright infringement in connection with the movie The Hangover. Whitmill claimed that the facial tattoo that Ed Helms wore in The Hangover II violated his copyright in the tattoo because it was a replica of the one that Whitmill created for boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Whitmill claimed that the tattoo Ed Helms’ character got in the film infringed the copyrighted tattoo he needled into Tyson’s face. Credit: Alamy

S. Victor Whitmill, the tattoo artist who gave Tyson his renowned tribal tattoo, really filed a lawsuit against the entertainment industry back in 2011.

Nearly a month after the Hangover II reached theatres, in June of that year, the lawsuit was resolved.

Whitmill claimed Warner Bros. never contacted him to obtain his consent to use the artwork and that the tattoo Ed Helms’ character received in the movie violated the copyrighted tattoo he had needled into Tyson’s face.

The matter was resolved after an “all-day” mediation, but the contents of the agreement weren’t made public.

Warner Bros. was actually sued by tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill - who gave Tyson his world-famous tribal tattoo - back in 2011. Credit: Warner Bros.

The victory, which The Hollywood Reporter exclusively detailed more than ten years ago, spared Warner Bros. the need to digitally remove Stu’s tattoo.

Whitmill’s attorney Geoff Gerber said at the time: “Warner Bros. and Mr. Whitmill have amicably resolved their dispute. No other information will be provided.”

Whitmill’s lawyer’s official complaint filing read: “When Mr. Whitmill created the Original Tattoo, Mr. Tyson agreed that Mr. Whitmill would own the artwork and thus, the copyright in the Original Tattoo.

“Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. — without attempting to contact Mr. Whitmill, obtain his permission, or credit his creation — has copied Mr. Whitmill’s Original Tattoo and placed it on the face of another actor … This unauthorized exploitation of the Original Tattoo constitutes copyright infringement.”

Copyright clash over Mike Tyson's facial tattoo - CBS News

Aside from the unfortunate face tattoo, Helms’ character Stu in the alcoholic trilogy had a notoriously difficult time of it, even pulling out his own front tooth with a pair of pliers in the first film.

Helms previously admitted that, although a rusty set of pliers wasn’t the real culprit, he actually had a missing tooth when the movie was being made.

Hangover 2 release gets greenlight as Mike Tyson's tattoo artist loses bid  to sue over copyright | Daily Mail Online

Back in 2009, Helms explained: “It is totally real. I have an implant. An adult tooth never came in and when I was 16, they did a permanent implant.”

He added: “We started to do different tests with prosthetics and blacking it out and nothing worked.

“I wasn’t eager to take out my implant because my mouth is healthy, but I talked to my dentist and he was like, ‘Yeah we can do it!’ My dentist was really into it.”


‘World’s Most identical twins’ celebrate birthday with fiancé they’re trying for a baby with

The ‘most identical twins in the world,’ Anna and Lucy Decinque, have posted a new photo to their Instagram page celebrating their birthday with their shared fiancé Ben Byrne.

Even if Anna and Lucy did spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to look more alike, they are undoubtedly winning the race to find the “most identical” twins in the world.

If there was ever a formal contest to determine the pair of twins with the most similarity, cheating would likely be considered.

The twins don’t only look similar; they also behave nearly identically, as they have previously acknowledged they eat together, take showers together, and use the restroom together.

In an effort to “live as one person,” Anna and Lucy do practically everything together, including sharing a bed with the same fiancé.

The twins previously claimed that the three of them shared a king-size bed and that everyone participates equally in sexual activities, which is how the sisters prefer things to be.

They intend for both of them to become pregnant through the same guy, and they also want to become pregnant at the exact same moment so that their children will be as similar as possible. The couple even wants their same nature to extend to their children.

As their father would also be their uncle, the children would be related to each other as half-siblings and cousins.

Lucy has said she’d “prefer both of us to be pregnant than one,” and the sisters have been intending to have children at the same time with Ben for a number of years.

Since they’ve been dating Ben since 2012, they believe that the sooner they become pregnant, the better.

Although they are all engaged, polygamy is not recognized as a legal practise in their native Australia, so in this marital ménage a Trois will have to travel abroad to get married in a legal ceremony.


Miriam Margolyes recalls how Arnold Schwarzenegger Deliberately Farted In Her Face

According to his co-star, Miriam Margolyes, the “Terminator” legend, 74, deliberately farted in her face while filming the 1999 horror movie “End of Days.”

On the most recent episode of the “I’ve Got News for You” podcast, “Harry Potter” actress Margolyes, 81, raised a lot of eyebrows about the event and said Schwarzenegger “was truly extremely unpleasant” while the movie was being made.

"Terminator: Dark Fate" - Photocall

Margolyes played one of the antagonists working with Satan, while Schwarzenegger played an ex-cop trying to stop Satan (Gabriel Byrne) from creating the Antichrist.

In one scene, the two were face to face—or rather arse to face—and Margolyes claims that The Terminator actor “had me in a situation where I couldn’t leave” after filming had ended.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Speaking on the I’ve Got News For You podcast, she said: “He was actually quite rude.

“He farted in my face.

“Now, I fart, of course, I do — but I don’t fart in people’s faces.

“He did it deliberately, right in my face.

“I was playing Satan’s sister and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and lying on the floor. And he just farted.”

Actor Miriam Margolyes who featured alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1999 horror film End of Days claims that the former bodybuilder 'deliberately' farted in her face on the movie set. Credit: Universal Pictures

She added: “It wasn’t on film, it was in one of the pauses, but I haven’t forgiven him for it.”

Schwarzenegger was mentioned when host Andrew Bucklow asked the Harry Potter actor if there were any celebrities she preferred to avoid working with.

“He’s a bit too full of himself and I don’t care for him at all. He’s a Republican, which I don’t like,” the 81-year-old remarked.

She should have caught the pun that “his attitude stinks.”

Credit: Universal Pictures

Anyway, the former bodybuilder recently explained why he continues to work out at age 75.

On Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, the YouTuber asked: “Why do you still come to the gym? You know at 75 years old, I mean, you did the Mr. Universe.”

Schwarzenegger then replied: “Well, I did it for the same reasons, as you know, we talked about it.

“For the same reason why am I having breakfast today? I’ve had breakfast today, I’ve had breakfast 10 years ago, why am I still having breakfast?

“Why am I still sleeping? I slept 20 years ago, I slept 10 years ago. I’m still sleeping every day and every night.”


CO Tech Worker Fired After Posting TikToks Explaining How She Got A New Job That Raised Salary $20k

A Denver IT employee who explained on Tiktoks how she received a $20,000 raise at her new job, moving from $70,000 to $90,000, was fired.

The employer where Lexi Larson started their new work last month dismissed her two weeks later due to “security concerns” after learning about her salary transparency TikToks.

Lexi Larson was 'fired out of nowhere' 2 weeks into her new job after her boss found her TikToks account, where she posts salary transparency videos

On her TikTok account last month, Lexi Larson spoke about how she changed jobs and increased her salary from $70,000 to $90,000. There were 168,000 views of the video. She continued to make videos on how she obtained the job for the following two weeks.

Larson claimed that shortly after her employer found out about her TikTok account, she erased certain videos out of concern for their wrath.

Larson claimed in a later video that her posts led to her termination.

“So, TikTok got me fired,” said Larson, who goes into detail about knowing that talking about her salary is federally protected by law under the National Labor Relations Act and why she took down some videos.

“…They ended up firing me because they said me having this account was a safety concern because I could post something private,” Larson said.

Larson opted not to file a lawsuit and omitted to mention her old workplace. But her dismissal raises issues regarding what you can and cannot post on social media about your profession.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

When using electronic communications, such as social media, bear in mind that your company may have prohibitions prohibiting using their equipment, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

If Larson decides to file a lawsuit, she might have a strong case, according to Bennitta Joseph, a partner at the New York law firm Joseph & Norinsberg LLC.

“She should think about contacting a lawyer if she can show she was terminated for discussing her wages.” said Joseph, who noted that most employees are usually fired for disciplinary or performance reasons.

Employers will probably keep an eye on their employees’ social media accounts to make sure they aren’t engaging in any unlawful behavior, according to Bergman and Joseph.

TikTok' got her fired from her job for sharing her salary on the site -  Daily Hindustan News

“A company has a huge interest to make sure you are not engaging in discriminatory statements, disclosing trade secrets, threats of violence, and unlawful conduct,” Joseph said. “If they do find out that you are doing any of these, it could be grounds for termination.”

“The higher up you are, the more careful you have to be about what you post,” Joseph adds.

“I think it’s important to take a step back and be cautious when revealing personal information on social media,” Bergman said.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

“Whether it’s an employer looking into your activities, or a potential swindler looking to take you of your money, I think it’s a dangerous road,” Bergman added.

He has another piece of advice.

“It’s probably better to keep your money matters offline,” Bergman concluded.


Cheating mother shoves mom rival off feet to win a race at daughter’s school

A now-viral video shows the shocking moment a cheating British mother knocked another mother to the ground in order to win a contest at her daughter’s school. It goes without saying that the intensely competitive parent would have done anything to succeed.

"I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!" said Katie McDermott.

“I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!” Katie McDermott, 25, told SWNS of the incident, which occurred while she was racing against other parents and kids during the school’s sports day in Coventry.

The race seems to be going smoothly in the now-viral Facebook video, with everyone having fun and remaining in their lanes. But when McDermott senses that the win is about to be taken from her, she takes matters into her own hands and knocks Chelsey Walford, another mother, to the ground.

Tell me I ain't a competitive parent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Chelsey Walford

Posted by Katie McDermott on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

McDermott shared the video on July 13, along with the caption: “Tell me I ain’t a competitive parent.”

Writing in the post’s comments section, McDermott said that she “had to win”, but her knee-length dress was “restricting” her movement – hence to underhanded tactics. But hey, a win’s a win!

Many of the commenters found the footage hilarious, with one person writing: “That’s totally unfair but bloody brilliant.”

Katie shared a picture showing Walford’s leg with a cool pack around her knee:

“She’s fine guys,” Katie joked, followed by laughing emojis.

There have undoubtedly been many memorable sports day incidents this summer. Last month, another mom gained attention after falling during the parent race at her child’s school.

The incident that occurred when 36-year-old mother Katie Hannaford chose to participate in her daughter’s school sports day was shared on Facebook.

When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s life about ay!Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching! 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Katie Hannaford on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sadly, Hannaford loses her footing as she sprints off the starting line and falls to the ground face first. Even worse, her blue dress flips over her body, exposing her bum and underwear to the curious parents, kids, and teachers in the audience.

She hilariously posted a video to Facebook with the caption: “When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha!”