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A woman, 30, who is expecting a baby with her 60-year-old husband opened up about the online backlash they receive.

They had no idea how much hate they would receive when this couple got married. Despite having a 30-year age difference, the couple has been together for nine years and is currently expecting their first child.

When Mindy, 30, was involved in a car accident and Larry, 60, was the officer who responded to the scene, this is the first time they met.

Some comments are especially cruel.

Speaking to Truly, Mindy said: “We don’t really talk about the age gap much, it’s normal for us and it doesn’t really feel like an age gap.”

But not everyone shares this opinion, and when Mindy started starring Larry in her YouTube videos, trolls started leaving the couple a lot of hateful remarks.

She explained: “A lot of people were very supportive but we also received a ton of hate and backlash because of the age gap, which was bit of a shock.

“I wasn’t prepared for it, but now I’ve developed a thick skin and I’m fine.”

Due to Larry’s vasectomy, the couple chose a different path and started IVF when they decided they wanted a child in 2020.

In December 2021, Mindy finally became pregnant after numerous unsuccessful rounds of treatment.

The news of the pregnancy only worsened the hate comments, which included: “Sad the baby won’t see his dad live long” and “the kids won’t have a dad in 5-10 years.”

The couple get loads of hate comments online.

Even though some of the remarks are lighter, the relationship is still not supported by all of them.

One person quipped: “Does he know how to open a PDF?”

While another simply said: “Nice photo with grandad!”

Mindy said: “They’re just keyboard warriors, they wouldn’t say it to our face, but they have no problem typing it.

Woman, 30, who is expecting a baby with her 60-YEAR-OLD husband opens up  about horrific hate | Trending Today in London

“The funny thing about the comments are we’ve never had somebody walk up to us and say this in person.”

Despite the harsh comments the pair have no plans to stop posting videos online.

Mind explained: “We don’t film video and post pictures for comments, we do it because it’s something that we love to do and we love to share out lives with others and hope that it’s relatable.”

Woman, 30, Who Is Expecting A Baby With Her 60-YEAR-OLD Husband Opens Up  About Horrific Hate

Larry added: “The people that comment and say ‘we really enjoyed your videos’ or ‘I’m having a rough time and you helped me through it, that’s why we do what we do.”


Amber Heard shares never-before-seen texts alleging abuse against Depp

Amber Heard claims that newly released text messages aired during her recent Dateline interview with host Savannah Guthrie are proof of her alleged physical abuse during her relationship with former spouse Johnny Depp.

She told Savannah Guthrie of NBC News that she had a lot of “proof” to disclose that would back up her claims that Depp was physically violent to her during their turbulent relationship.

Amber Heard shares never-before-seen texts alleging abuse against Depp

Text messages purportedly sent by the Aquaman star to her father and therapist were among the files, which she disclosed for the first time.

In one text – dated 16 December 2015 – Heard claims to have texted her therapist saying: “Johnny did a number on me tonight. I’m safe and with my support tonight but I need some real help.”

wp-image-1263158824 size-full
wp-image-1263158825 size-full

“Can I come tomorrow? I called earlier because I thought I had a concussion and didn’t know if I should have called the police. But I have a nurse close to me,” the message concludes.

Another message – allegedly sent from Heard to her father in 2014 – describes a violent altercation on an airplane.

“I keep not fighting back. He literally kicked me and called me a [redacted] in front of everyone on the plane. It’s humiliating,” the text reads.

Along with the texts, Heard also unveiled notes that she claims to be from her therapy sessions. “There’s a binder worth of years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that was taken by my doctor to who I was reporting the abuse,” she told Guthrie.

Depp allegedly battered his then-wife, including an explicit reference to a time when he “hit her, threw her on the floor,” according to the therapist’s notes.

The binder of treatment notes was disregarded as “hearsay” by Judge Penney Azcarate, who presided over Depp and Heard’s court case last month. Heard’s lawyers were barred from introducing it as evidence.


Man Addicted To Pepsi Drank 30 Cans Every Day For 20 Years-at a whopping $8.6K annually

Andy Currie, 41, used to drink 30 cans of Pepsi each day and spent more than $8,600 per year — about $25 per day — on it. Currie claims to have been cured with the help of a hypnotist.

The 41-year-old consumed around 219,000 Pepsi cans, equating to nearly 8,000kg of sugar – the equivalent of seven million cubes.

Credit: SWNS

Andy, from Bangor, North Wales, said: “I’ve always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could beat it and I just got hooked.

“I work nights so always liked the sugar rush to keep me going. I’d go through four or five two-litre bottles of Pepsi every day.

“Because I work at Tesco I could just buy it straight after work and take it home.”

He added: “It cost me a fortune, to be honest. I could have bought a car every year for the same amount I was spending on Pepsi.

Credit: SWNS

“I just needed to have it, as soon as I woke up I’d go to the fridge and pour myself a large glass of Pepsi and just carry on through the day.

“I remember going to weddings and birthdays and while other people had glasses of  champagne I’d be toasting people with a can of fizzy pop.”

Andy’s doctors warned him that he was at risk of getting diabetic as he hit 19 stone.

Despite losing two stones through exercise and nutrition, he couldn’t give up Pepsi.

Credit: SWNS

Things didn’t start to change until he met London-based therapist and hypnotist David Kilmurry.

Woody has an avoidant restrictive food intake condition, according to David.

Andy claims he was cured and drank water for the first time in two decades following just one online hypnotherapy session.

Man hooked on Pepsi drank 30 cans EVERY DAY for 20 years costing him £7,000 a  year - Mirror Online

In just four weeks, he has lost another stone and is looking and feeling much better.

Andy said: “David met me online and hypnotized me for about 40 minutes. 

“I don’t know what he said but afterward I just didn’t want to drink it anymore.

“I’ve still got two cans of Pepsi in my fridge which I was going to have before the session but didn’t have time. 

“I haven’t touched them in a month and don’t plan to. I prefer water now. My wife Sarah says my skin looks better and I’ve got so much more energy.

I drank 30 cans of Pepsi a day for 20 years — for $8.6K a year

“I like walking now and I and Sarah am planning to climb Mount Snowdon in the summer.”

David added: “I was horrified at Andy’s disclosure of drinking 10 liters of Pepsi a day.

“That was by far the worst sugar addiction I’ve ever heard of.

“Resigned to addiction, Andy was overweight, anxious and struggled to get his words out because he was so breathless.

“This kind of addiction is very dangerous and puts huge pressure on your vital organs.

“Andy was pre-diabetic and needed to change quickly before heart disease and potential pancreatic cancer took him.

“It became poison and a crutch to him. Since working with him I am delighted to see him drinking water and healthy drinks.”


Woman Who’s Fiancé Is Double Her Age Insists She’s Not A Golddigger After Falling For The Millionaire

Since their second date in Marbella, where Jeff gifted the woman a set of diamond earrings for her birthday, Allana Luke and her fiancé Jeff Winn have been inseparable. She is adamant that their love is genuine.

Allana Luke, who is 23 years old, met Jeff Winn, who is 56 years old, on Tinder in 2020, and before the second date, he was flying her out to Marbella for her birthday.

Allana Luke, 23, and Jeff Winn, 56, are engaged. Credit: Caters

They confessed their love for one other on this vacation, and Allana moved into Jeff’s 11-bed home in Newcastle shortly after.

Since then, the 56-year-old law firm manager has purchased an Audi TT, a Rolex watch, luxury purses, and several vacations to Barbados and Thailand for Allana.

Despite what some may believe about their relationship, the 23-year-old who works as her partner’s personal assistant claims she isn’t with him for the money.

“There’s no denying Jeff looks much older than me, which can cause people to roll their eyes when they see us,” she explained. 

They first met on Tinder in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since. Credit: Caters

“They automatically assume I am just another girl after his money.

“I don’t blame them as it would be my first thought too. But I would still be with Jeff even if he lost the house and went bankrupt.”

Their relationship went from strength to strength after their trip to Spain and on 2 June Jeff popped the question. 

Allana has insisted on signing a prenup, adding: “He doesn’t think one is necessary, but I would like him to have peace of mind.”

Young woman blasts 'I'm no gold digger' after agreeing to marry millionaire  - Edinburgh Live

The 23-year-old gets on well with Jeff’s two grown-up children Nina, also 23, and Josh, 21, and the same goes for his ex-wife. 

“Once people get to know us, they can tell we’re a great match,” she said. “We have the same banter and are always laughing.”

Allana continued: “All of Jeff’s friends have commented on how much happier and healthier he is since I came into his life. It’s refreshing to hear.

“I want people to realize it is OK to have an age-gap relationship – we shouldn’t have to hide the loves of our lives because we are scared of getting judged.”

North Shields woman, 23, falls for Jesmond millionaire, 56 - but insists she's  not a gold digger - NEWS worldwide

As for Jeff, he said he was looking for someone ‘who is beautiful on the inside and out’, and he’s found that in Allana. 

“I have dated younger women before and my family didn’t approve,” he explained. “But they all adore Allana because they can see how she positively impacts my life.

“For many years, I was a bit of a naughty boy but I’m so much more relaxed than I used to be.

“I’m quite well-known in Newcastle and young men often high-five me when we are out together.

“But we do get stares when Allana is all dolled up. They are just jealous.”


Elephant kills 70-year-old woman and then returns to trample her corpse at a funeral in India

A 70-year-old woman was slain by an elephant in eastern India, who subsequently returned to her burial to trample her body. According to authorities, the event occurred on Thursday in the state of Odisha.

Maya Murmu was fetching water from a tube well in Raipal village, Mayurbhanj district when the wild elephant emerged out of nowhere.

An elephant trampled 70-year-old Maya Murmu while she was drawing water in India (stock image)

It had wandered from the Dalma wildlife sanctuary, which is about 200 kilometers from Mayurbhanj, according to authorities.

Ms Murmu was taken to the hospital after being trampled and died from her injuries, according to police officer Lopamudra Nayak, who spoke to the Press Trust of India news agency.

According to reports, as family members gathered for Ms. Murmu’s funeral and were completing final rituals, the same elephant appeared, took Ms. Murmu’s body from the funeral pyre, and trampled it again, as astonished mourners looked on.

Only after the elephant had left was the family able to proceed with the ritual. It’s unknown if the animal hurt anyone else in the vicinity.

Elephant-human conflict is a typical occurrence in Odisha. Human encroachment on animal habitats has risen in the mineral-rich state, increasing the likelihood of confrontations between villagers and elephants.

A troubling trend in the state has been an increase in the frequency of elephant fatalities that are not natural. According to data provided by the state’s chief wildlife warden, at least 1,356 elephants have perished in Odisha since 2000-01, according to the IANS news agency.

In the seven months from April to October last year, at least 42 elephants died in the state.

Many more cases of human-elephant conflict have been reported from across the country.

Odisha: Elephant Kills 70-Year-Old Woman, Returns to Trample her Corpse on  Funeral Pyre | Shiksha News

A woman was killed by a wild elephant in a forest in central Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district in March of this year. According to authorities, her eight-year-old grandson was hurt while attempting to run away.

A 40-year-old woman was trampled to death by an elephant outside her home near Gudalur, in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, in May.


Shaquille O’Neal pays more than $25K tab for the entire restaurant while on a date

Shaquille O’Neal continues to show that he is a champion of the people, this time by cooking dinner for a whole restaurant. Shaq was apparently on a date at New York City’s Jue Lan Club when he decided to not only tip his servers lavishly but also pay the entire bill.

Big Shaq, on the other hand, didn’t just treat his date. After what can only be described as a great evening, the basketball player paid for his own meal and then paid for everyone else who ate in the restaurant that night, totaling more than $25,000 in expenses.

wp-image-1263158512 size-full

The retired athlete, who now works as a sports analyst, is recognized for his charity. Even by his own standards, picking up the tab for a table of strangers is a generous gesture.

Shaq and an unidentified female (whom he referred to as “my date”) arrived at Jue Lan Club at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to a source (June 12). Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura, and the restaurant’s trademark chicken satay were among the dishes ordered by the couple.

The 50-year-old didn’t just pay for his own dinner when it came to settling the bill. He also purchased dinner for the entire server staff, as well as the entire restaurant.

“To top that off, he paid for everyone’s check [who was] dining at the restaurant,” the source told Page Six.

While the gesture was extraordinarily generous, Shaq doesn’t appear to be seeking glory or recognition. He was apparently very private about paying for his fellow diners and ordered staff not to tell the 40-plus tables that he had paid for their meals until after he had left the restaurant.

Shaquille O'Neal Pays Tab of Over $25K for Entire Restaurant While on Date  | Complex

Shaq’s bill was reported “far over $25,000” when it came to the entire cost of everyone’s food. As if that wasn’t enough, the Lakers icon also made sure Jue Lan’s servers were in good hands.

“He left them the biggest tip they’ve ever received,” claimed the source.

The identity of Shaq’s date is the only unsolved mystery. Since divorcing his ex-wife Shaunie in 2011, the actor has been linked to actress Annie Ilonzeh, whom he apparently dated in 2021 – though it is unclear if she was the woman with whom he dined at Jue Lan’s.