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Lizzo spent years feeling ‘ashamed’ and ‘undesirable’ due to a lack of body inclusivity

Lizzo has openly criticised the lack of body acceptance in the music and fashion sectors and said that she once did not think she was “attractive.”

The 34-year-old American singer acknowledged that for years she felt “embarrassed” and didn’t believe she possessed the “qualities” to succeed as a pop star because she believed others wouldn’t want to look like her.

“I know people want to look like me now. But I’m talking about what it was like in my formative years. I wasn’t really set up to believe that I was desirable,” she told Elle UK.

“For me, being a pop star – part of it is people either want to be you or be with you.

“And I didn’t feel like I had any of those qualities.”

Lizzo claimed that her fears were so severe that she wished there were others on the stage with her so that attention wouldn’t always be on her. She admits she used to feel ‘ashamed’ about her body.

She further said: “I always felt like, even if the song is great, people wouldn’t want to hear it coming from me.”

“So I thought, if I have other people on stage, too, that will take the focus off me a little bit.”

She is urging the fashion industry to ensure that people of all shapes and sizes can fit into their outfits in order to increase visibility for those who might not look like runway models.

Lizzo stated that although she is only one person, it has been an honour for brands and labels to create ensembles specifically for her.

“What about the millions of people who are my size or bigger who can’t get access to chic and glamorous clothing?” she asked.

“I don’t want to be the token big girl for the fashion world. I want to open the door. I want this for everybody.”

She’s spoken about how she has an amazing team who keep her grounded.

In an interview with Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, hosted by DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angel Yee, Lizzo said: “I have the most genuine people around me.

“They don’t give a s**t about ‘Lizzo’ with the chain on.

“They care about ‘Melissa’, and everyone I’m close with has known me before all of this happened and I think that’s important.”


‘World’s Most identical twins’ celebrate birthday with fiancé they’re trying for a baby with

The ‘most identical twins in the world,’ Anna and Lucy Decinque, have posted a new photo to their Instagram page celebrating their birthday with their shared fiancé Ben Byrne.

Even if Anna and Lucy did spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to look more alike, they are undoubtedly winning the race to find the “most identical” twins in the world.

If there was ever a formal contest to determine the pair of twins with the most similarity, cheating would likely be considered.

The twins don’t only look similar; they also behave nearly identically, as they have previously acknowledged they eat together, take showers together, and use the restroom together.

In an effort to “live as one person,” Anna and Lucy do practically everything together, including sharing a bed with the same fiancé.

The twins previously claimed that the three of them shared a king-size bed and that everyone participates equally in sexual activities, which is how the sisters prefer things to be.

They intend for both of them to become pregnant through the same guy, and they also want to become pregnant at the exact same moment so that their children will be as similar as possible. The couple even wants their same nature to extend to their children.

As their father would also be their uncle, the children would be related to each other as half-siblings and cousins.

Lucy has said she’d “prefer both of us to be pregnant than one,” and the sisters have been intending to have children at the same time with Ben for a number of years.

Since they’ve been dating Ben since 2012, they believe that the sooner they become pregnant, the better.

Although they are all engaged, polygamy is not recognized as a legal practise in their native Australia, so in this marital ménage a Trois will have to travel abroad to get married in a legal ceremony.


A cat born with two mouths in Thailand defies the odds to survive and now drinks milk from both mouths

In spite of the odds that it would perish within a few hours of birth, a unique kitten born in northern Thailand with two faces is now thriving.

The kitten’s owner reported that it was born on Sunday in the county’s northern Lampang province and that it is currently drinking milk from both mouths.

'Feline fine': A rare kitten born with two faces in northern Thailand is now happily drinking milk after it defied predictions it would die within a couple of hours of its birth (Pictured: the kitten born on Sunday)

He stated that the kitten had the names “Tung Ngern” (silver bag) on one side and “Tung Tong” on the other (bag of gold).

Owner Anuwat noticed the two-year-old mother cat was having difficulty with the second kitten after witnessing her deliver the first.

The 29-year-old was shocked when the two-faced kitten was removed during a Caesarian section at the neighborhood animal hospital in Hang Chat.

In honor of the two-faced Roman god Janus, two-faced kittens, also referred to as Janus cats, rarely survive more than a day.

Two-faced kittens, which are known as Janus cats after the two-faced Roman god Janus, rarely live more than a day (Pictured: Guinness World record-breaking two faced cat Frank and Louie)

Later, he told the local media that he was certain they would perish.

However, he claimed he spent the following two days taking care of the cat after witnessing it “battle for its life.”

He said: ‘I’ve hardly slept at all since it was born because it cannot hold its head up and needs constant attention.

It’s as much responsibility as having a human baby.’

He added: ‘I thought the brother was going to die. But it appears that the younger brother fought a lot for his life.

‘At first I thought I would give the kittens to someone who had taken care of such things before because I have no experience.

‘But thinking about it, no one has ever taken care of a two-faced cat before.’

Cat born with two faces in Thailand defies the odds to survive and now  drinks milk from both mouths | UK Times

The kitten with two faces, four eyes, two noses, two mouths, and two ears is stated to be doing well and enjoying milk right now.

The average lifespan of a Janus kitten is just one day, however in 1999, a grey, two-faced cat named “Frank and Louie” who was born in Massachusetts lasted an amazing 15 years.

As the longest-surviving Janus cat, the cat entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012.


Chrissy Teigen Marks One Year of Sobriety: ‘Finally’

Chrissy Teigen has accomplished a significant life achievement. The model revealed on Monday that she had been alcohol-free for a full year. The writer and model sent a social media update in honor of reaching 365 days since she first began her sobriety journey.

She wrote: “I miss feeling loopy and carefree sometimes, but to be honest toward the end, it didn’t give that fun feeling anymore anyhow.

“I drank to end crazy anxiety that later mostly went away when I – get this – quit drinking!

“I feel really good. sometimes I get really frustrated looking back on days I should remember way better than I do because of alcohol.

“Like when I drank cafe patron and fell asleep while an Outback Steakhouse chef taught me (my friends) how to make a bloomin onion at my house.

“I wish I was awake for that.

“Wish I remembered really any awards show lol.

“There are pictures from huge moments in life where my eyes just look…gone.

“Some are from real work shoots, some just beach days with the family.

“While I honestly STILL don’t know if I’ll never have a drink again, I do know I never want to be that way again.

Credit: INTERFOTO / Alamy Stock Photo

“And for now, none is best. I’ll let the bad dreams come up and try to sort them out in therapy, without booze.

“Prayers for a blooming onion redo.”

She shared the update along with a video of her traveling over Europe with her family and husband, John Legend.

Chrissy has frequently let her fans know how many days she has been sober, but she has acknowledged that it hasn’t always been simple.

She explained that her drinking was out of control in 2017.

“I was, point blank, just drinking too much,” she revealed to Cosmopolitan.

“I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine. Then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the awards show. And then a bunch at the awards show.

“And then I felt bad for making kind of an ass of myself to people that I really respected.

“And that feeling, there’s just nothing like that. You feel horrible. It’s not a good look for me, for John, for anybody.”

Teigen has a history of alcohol abuse in her family and said she ‘can’t have just one drink’.


CO Tech Worker Fired After Posting TikToks Explaining How She Got A New Job That Raised Salary $20k

A Denver IT employee who explained on Tiktoks how she received a $20,000 raise at her new job, moving from $70,000 to $90,000, was fired.

The employer where Lexi Larson started their new work last month dismissed her two weeks later due to “security concerns” after learning about her salary transparency TikToks.

Lexi Larson was 'fired out of nowhere' 2 weeks into her new job after her boss found her TikToks account, where she posts salary transparency videos

On her TikTok account last month, Lexi Larson spoke about how she changed jobs and increased her salary from $70,000 to $90,000. There were 168,000 views of the video. She continued to make videos on how she obtained the job for the following two weeks.

Larson claimed that shortly after her employer found out about her TikTok account, she erased certain videos out of concern for their wrath.

Larson claimed in a later video that her posts led to her termination.

“So, TikTok got me fired,” said Larson, who goes into detail about knowing that talking about her salary is federally protected by law under the National Labor Relations Act and why she took down some videos.

“…They ended up firing me because they said me having this account was a safety concern because I could post something private,” Larson said.

Larson opted not to file a lawsuit and omitted to mention her old workplace. But her dismissal raises issues regarding what you can and cannot post on social media about your profession.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

When using electronic communications, such as social media, bear in mind that your company may have prohibitions prohibiting using their equipment, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

If Larson decides to file a lawsuit, she might have a strong case, according to Bennitta Joseph, a partner at the New York law firm Joseph & Norinsberg LLC.

“She should think about contacting a lawyer if she can show she was terminated for discussing her wages.” said Joseph, who noted that most employees are usually fired for disciplinary or performance reasons.

Employers will probably keep an eye on their employees’ social media accounts to make sure they aren’t engaging in any unlawful behavior, according to Bergman and Joseph.

TikTok' got her fired from her job for sharing her salary on the site -  Daily Hindustan News

“A company has a huge interest to make sure you are not engaging in discriminatory statements, disclosing trade secrets, threats of violence, and unlawful conduct,” Joseph said. “If they do find out that you are doing any of these, it could be grounds for termination.”

“The higher up you are, the more careful you have to be about what you post,” Joseph adds.

“I think it’s important to take a step back and be cautious when revealing personal information on social media,” Bergman said.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

“Whether it’s an employer looking into your activities, or a potential swindler looking to take you of your money, I think it’s a dangerous road,” Bergman added.

He has another piece of advice.

“It’s probably better to keep your money matters offline,” Bergman concluded.


Elon Musk has been snapped Enjoying Beach Vacation with Friend Sarah Staudinger

Elon Musk was spotted enjoying a luxurious getaway in Mykonos, Greece, with some pals after it was revealed that he fathered 10 children with three different women.

Loving life On Friday, Elon Musk , 51, looked carefree as he enjoyed a boat day with his pal Sarah Staudinger - Endeavour CEO Ari Emanuel's new wife - while holidaying in Mykonos, Greece
Gorgeous: Sarah commanded attention in a skimpy cross over yellow bikini topChatty: Sarah was seen socialising with the Tesla CEO during the outing

According to the Daily Mail, the 51-year-old millionaire spent time on a boat on Friday with his buddy Sarah Staudinger, with her spouse, Endeavour CEO Ari Emanuel, and other friends.

The Tesla CEO was seen in pictures from the outlet wearing a relaxed wardrobe for the visit, which included a basic T-shirt, black swim shorts, and a pair of vintage aviators. On the other hand, his 33-year-old friend who is a fashion designer showed off her physique in a yellow bikini top and matching slim-fit skirt.

Sun ready: He wore black swim shorts, with a classic pair of aviator shielding his eyes
Jokers: The group all smiled as they shared a laugh while heading on to shore

The group also ate at the Spilia Seaside Restaurant, one of Mykonos’ greatest locations that serve fresh and genuine Mediterranean cuisine, before boarding the private boat, according to Daily Mail.

Natasha Bassett, Musk’s “on-off” girlfriend, was conspicuously absent from the outing.

According to Page Six, the 27-year-old actress was previously seen getting off Musk’s private plane in Los Angeles in February.

Yes! Elon threw his hands up in the air as they sailed over to the island

Bassett and the founder of SpaceX were pictured in May having a break in St. Tropez, France, to honor Memorial Day. According to Page Six, the couple was observed eating lunch and conversing animatedly at the Cheval Blanc hotel in the French Riviera seaside resort.

According to the outlet, Musk and Bassett attended Staudinger and Emanuel’s lavish wedding in St. Tropez the day before the sighting.

La vie en rose! In May, Elon and Natasha were spotted enjoying a meal at the Cheval Blanc hotel in St Tropez, where rooms cost upwards of $1,300-a-night
A case of the ex? Back in March, it was reported that Elon was in an 'on-off' relationship with Australian actress Natasha Bassett, 27, after meeting on the Los Angeles social scene

Austin Butler and Bassett most recently appeared together in the Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic “Elvis.”

It was disclosed earlier this month that in November 2021, Musk and Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis, 36, welcomed twins.

Two of their ten children of Musk were born to his ex-girlfriend Grimes. They had a girl named Exa Dark Siderael in December 2021 and a son named X AE A-XII, who is currently 2 years old.

With his ex-wife, Canadian author Justine Wilson, the billionaire also has five living children: triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian, age 16, and twins Griffin and Vivian, age 18. A sixth child, their first, died of sudden infant death syndrome aged ten weeks in 2002, prompting them to use in vitro fertilization.