Horrified mother is left with huge and thick eyebrows after microblading treatment went wrong 

After a microblading session went horribly wrong, leaving her with “horrifying” emoji-Esque brows that terrify her 3-year-old daughter, a Texas lady is raising eyebrows — and raking up hundreds of thousands of views — on TikTok. Crystal Weinstock’s hair-raising misadventure has gone viral, with online users mocking her exaggerated brows.

“I never in a million years could have guessed that they would have turned out as they did,” Weinstock, 37, told Caters News Agency of the cosmetic catastrophe. “At the end of the session, [the cosmetologist] looked and told me not to freak out.”

Weinstock first felt something was awry after the makeup artist drew up a nanoblading blueprint, which she thought made her dyebrows look bushy and unnatural.

According to Hair.com , the Houston native had gone to get her brows micro bladed, a sophisticated beauty process that involves using superfine needles to deposit pigments into the skin, giving the appearance of a thicker brow. It’s similar to getting a tattoo or surgically painting your brows.

Weinstock’s first two microblading treatments, which took place in the fall, were unsuccessful because she began bleeding, which prevented the pigment from attaching to her skin.

As a result, she sought out a “semi-permanent make-up artist,” who “did some study on how she could get the pigment to stay longer,” according to the patient.

“After lots of back and forth, I didn’t get my next session until the end of April,” described Weinstock. “She told me her equipment had arrived and to meet her at the salon.”

The mother-of-two was shocked to find the make-up artist had made her eyebrows so much bigger and bolder her little girl was too terrified to come anywhere near her

She added, “It was quite late and last minute, but I was looking forward to hopefully having some better results.”

“I said that I just wanted my brows to be filled in rather than made any bigger,” said the alarmed patient, who works as a dental hygienist. She said she eventually came around after her microblade artist reassured her that “they wouldn’t be too thick because she would be filling in within the lines,” adding that she “couldn’t wait to see my eyebrows.”

“After a couple of hours it felt a little too much,” explained Weinstock. “I could feel a lot of going back and forth, over and over again.”

The concerned salon-goer added: “She said she thought she might have gone too high with the hair stroke — but it was fine because she would order remover to correct it.”

"I was trying to stay calm and do some research on how I could fix them, but I was mortified," said Weinstock.

That’s when Weinstock first laid eyes on dye-saster.

“When I took that first glance in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” the horrified woman said of her brows, which, per the photos, were cartoonishly bushy like that of an Angry Bird.

The cosmetician assured her that things would get better after the swelling went down, but her caterpillars remained an aesthetic nightmare the next day.

“My daughter, Elena, came into my bedroom to wake me up and she got such a fright,” described Weinstock. “She started freaking out. I saw the fear in my daughter’s eyes and my heart dropped.”

She added, “I was trying to stay calm and do some research on how I could fix them, but I was mortified.”

Searching on the internet and adding to Weinstock’s fears: “After googling ‘botched eyebrows,’ I realized mine was much worse than the ones I was seeing so I started panicking even more,” lamented the beleaguered woman.

The dental hygienist, pictured before the procedure, thought having microblading was a good idea because filling and shaping her eyebrows was taking too long as a busy mother

Weinstock decided to seek additional remedial solutions when the aforementioned makeup professional provided her with some remover. She was eventually scheduled for an emergency removal at Her Velvet Hands in Houston, and she is now having follow-up therapy nearly 3,000 miles away in California.

“I have recently had my second removal session by Erica Kovitz of Beverly Hills Microblading in California,” said Weinstock. “She is committed to helping me on this reversal journey and has even set up a GoFundMe page for travel expenses that I will incur for the remainder of the process.”

As of Thursday morning, the fund-raising efforts have raised $2,185.

She feels very humiliated by her thick brows and is hoping her removal sessions will work quicker than initially feared, which can be up to a year

Weinstock is also using a saline solution to break down the pigment from the botched dye procedure, which she splashes on her open wounds. “Then you have to wait for it to scab over and then you have to wait for the results,” said the patient, who is currently waiting for the region to scab over.

Despite her several operations, Weinstock estimates that removing the eyesore “may take up to a year of removals and laser.”

Weinstock has had to undergo multiple corrective surgeries.

“Some of the harsher lines seem to be lessening, but it is still so obvious,” added the distraught gal, who hopes her story will help prevent others from suffering the same fate.

“Although it is embarrassing to share my story, I hope it makes people realize how important it is to check credentials and show artists that are getting into the field that their clients are real people that have to deal with the consequences,” she said.

To donate to help Crystal, visit her GoFundMe page here

Source: dailymail.co.uk