Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez flashes a smile ahead of the meeting at the UBS building in New York City 

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney, gave a big smile for the cameras as she was photographed in New York City on Tuesday.

Vasquez  entered the UBS building in Midtown Manhattan for a meeting after successfully defending Depp  in the high-profile defamation case against Amber Heard. Vasquez has become something of a celebrity in her own right as a result.

Vasquez, who has gained a celebrity status of her own since she defended Depp to victory in the blockbuster defamation trial against Amber Heard

As a member of her security opened the car door for her and held her hand as she exited onto the sidewalk, Vasquez was beaming.

It happens the day before a meeting between Depp’s legal team and Amber Heard’s attorneys to work out the last-minute details of his $8 million defamation judgement against the actress.

The sighting occurs as the deadline for a resolution of Depp and Heard’s defamation action approaches. In order to determine if a settlement can be made, the celebrities’ attorneys will meet in court on Friday.

Vasquez was seen stepping out of a black SUV and entering the UBS building in Midtown Manhattan for a meeting

Depp and Heard will be required to pay each other their imposed damages if they are unable to reach an arrangement by tomorrow. Trial Judge Penney Azcarate will submit the jury’s judgement on June 1.

The June judgement concluded that both celebrities had defamed one another, although Depp’s hand was far more favourable.

While Heard only received $2 million in damages from Depp, he received $10.35 million from her. Heard owed Depp a hefty $8.35 million in total.

Her bodyguard accompanying her wore a magnificent mullet and mustache, and kept an umbrella at the ready amidst the overcast day

Heard later acknowledged via her attorney that she was unable to pay those millions in damages, and a day after the verdict, her legal team announced that Heard would be appealing the decision.

Her stance on the situation has subsequently changed, though, and rumours are circulating that she intends to write a “tell-all” book to make money to cover the damages.

Heard was allegedly “broke” and unable to refuse money, according to a source close to her.

After a terrible few months, they claimed she “considers her career in Hollywood gone” and “had nothing to lose.”

Vasquez sported a pin-striped, double-breasted black blazer over a white blouse, and a sash tied around her neck

Benjamin Chew, a lawyer for Depp, said that a settlement would be an option.

Chew said earlier this month on Good Morning America that Depp would consent to forego seeking damages from Heard in exchange for her declining to file an appeal.

‘We obviously can’t disclose any attorney-client communications, but as Mr. Depp testified, and as we both made clear in our respective closings, this was never about money for Mr. Depp,’ said Chew. 

‘This was about restoring his reputation, and he’s done that.’