Kim and Khloe Kardashian mimicked Kourtney’s gothic vibe for the wedding

The Kardashian-Jenner family, famed for their extravagant outfits, did not disappoint when they attended Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s lavish wedding ceremony in Portofino on Sunday night.

Kourtney was stunned in a form-fitting Dolce & Gabbana tiny dress with corset detailing, a dramatic lace skirt, and a billowing train as she proposed to the 46-year-old musician at an alfresco service at Medieval Fortress Castello Brown.

Keeping up with the bride, Kim Kardashian, 41, looked equally dramatic in a black dress with lace overlay across the bust, paired with an ornate gold and jewel cross choker

Kim Kardashian, 41, matched the bride’s stunning appearance with a black gown with a lace overlay over the bust and an elaborate gold and jewel cross necklace.

The outfit, which was “more funeral than wedding-esque,” was a “strange choice for such an occasion,” but a “typical Kardashian statement dressing approach,” according to TV and celebrity fashion expert Miranda Holder.

According to the stylist, Kim, Khloe, their mother Kris, and their sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner all donned Dolce & Gabbana clothes to “elevate their family brand.”

Khloe Kardashian, 37, twinned in a similar gothic outfit, wearing a chic sheer tiered, off-the-shoulder black dress with lace detail and an eye-catching gold headpiece shaped like the sun

Khloe Kardashian donned a see-through tiered off-the-shoulder black dress with lace details and a striking gold sun-shaped headpiece, as did her sister Kim Kardashian.

However, although Kim and Khloe chose gothic ensembles, perhaps inspired by the bride, whose fashion now includes grunge rocker flair, Kylie and Kendall Jenner wore floral ensembles that were comparable.

Miranda said, “The Kardashians certainly know how to throw a spectacle, and their glitzy Italian wedding this weekend was no different.

But while Kim and Khloe opted for gothic ensembles, seemingly inspired by the bride, whose fashion now embraces the grungy, rocker style, Kylie (left) and Kendall (right) Jenner donned similar floral outfits

“The family is well-versed in ‘shock factor’ tactics to create a media frenzy and surprise and delight their fans, and they certainly gave us something to talk about with their landmark wedding garb.

“The first thing that catches your attention is that Khloe and Kim go for black instead of a more traditional color choice. It’s classic Kardashian statement dressing, a tactic that has helped propel her into the spotlight over the years.

“Many would question whether this hue, more reminiscent of funerals than weddings, was appropriate – I’d say it was definitely an unusual choice for such an occasion.

“But fashion rules have become outdated, and this family isn’t afraid to set new fashion standards, even when it comes to a wedding.

Kylie, 24, looked stunning in a silver floral dress and plum lipstick while Kendall, 26, opted for a peach floral dress with her auburn locks worn in an up-do

“The wearing of black created an air of mysticism and intrigue, with the gothic style adding to the drama and suggesting they were deliberately defying convention with their seemingly outlandish attire.

“Often worn as the epitome of luxury, black is extremely chic and, as always, has been away for this family to garner maximum attention.”

Mother-of-the-bride: Kris Jenner looked incredible in a pale pink gown covered in feathers with billowing sleeves

The fashion expert continued: “The entire family presented a uniform front in their coordinated outfits, which not only alike in color and ‘style personality’ but all came from the same design house, Dolce & Gabbana, a fitting choice to complement the local To support the economy, after all… “when in Rome”.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Kardashians show such a togetherness…this could be an attempt to preserve or enhance their family brand.”

Kourtney, 43, looked nothing short of sensational in a figure-hugging Dolce & Gabbana minidress that boasted corset detailing and a dramatic lacy skirt and billowing train as she said 'I do' to the rocker, 46, in an alfresco service at the medieval Castello Brown fortress

Kris Jenner was impressed in a pink flowery gown during her wedding to daughter Kourtney, pulling various dynamic facial expressions.

Some guests chose to ascend a steep flight of stairs from the garden where the couple was married to the palace terrace where the reception party took place following the wedding.

Kris Jenner looked stunning in a pale pink gown with billowing sleeves and feathers.

Others, such as the bride’s mother Kris and daughter Kim, chose to return to the private jetty and board one of the Riva speedboats to return to Portofino Harbour.

They faced a short walk from the port in their wedding gown to a hillside tunnel entrance that provided them access to a private elevator within the castle.