Mickey Rourke claims Amber Heard is a ‘gold digger’ as her request for a retrial against Johnny Depp is rejected.

UUS actor Mickey Rourke has weighed in on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp saga and spoke about how he also got unfairly canceled after a false allegation against the celebrity cost him both his reputation and career.

US actor Mickey Rourke said he feels bad for Johnny Depp. Picture: Getty Images

As he commented on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp controversy, US actor Mickey Rourke claimed he was wrongly fired from a role after someone made an accusation against him, costing him both his reputation and career.

After a jury determined that Johnny Depp had been slandered by his ex-wife, the 69-year-old actor admitted to Piers Morgan that he felt awful for his friend and fellow performer Depp.

“I felt bad for somebody that’s trying to get chopped down by some gold digger, you know?” he told Piers Morgan Uncensored, which aired on Tuesday night.

Acrimonious: Johnny won his libel case against Amber, 36, (pictured) in June, saying he now has 'his life back' after the jury ruled he was defamed and awarded him $15million

Morgan asked whether he believes Heard is a gold digger, to which Rourke fiercely replied, “abso-f**king-lutely. Absolutely”.

Rourke then cited a similar experience to Depp.

“I’ve known Johnny for many years but I don’t really know him intimately,” he said.

“All I can say is I was in a situation one time where I got blamed for something I didn’t do. It cost me movie jobs for several years and it caused me a bad reputation finally, the truth came out but the truth came out after I lost movies and lost jobs.”

Not holding back: Piers asked Mickey if he thought Amber is a gold-digger and he replied: 'Abso- f***ing-lutely. Absolutely'

After detailing her experiences as a victim of domestic violence in a 2018 op-ed, Heard was found guilty of three defamation accusations brought by her ex-husband.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor asserted his career was “done” the moment the charges were published, despite the fact that she never specifically identified Depp by name.

However, a judge found that the claims she made about her marriage were “false” and that she had acted with “actual malice”.

Of the USD$50 million he claimed in damages, she was ordered to pay her ex-husband US$10.35 million in compensation.

Once so close: Mickey (left) and Johnny (right ) - who worked together on 2003's Once Upon A Time In Mexico - seen together in 1993

A 43-page document asking for a fresh trial or for the verdict to be “set aside” was presented to the Fairfax County Circuit Court on Friday. The document was rejected by a Virginia court on Wednesday.

In response, Heard’s attorneys claimed that the jury’s $10.35m verdict was “inconsistent and irreconcilable” with its finding that she and Depp had defamed one another.

“The juror was vetted, sat for the entire jury, deliberated, and reached a verdict,” Judge Azcarate wrote in a statement on Wednesday.

“The only evidence before this court is that this juror and all jurors followed their oaths, the court’s instructions, and orders.

Mickey Rourke claims Amber Heard is a 'f***ing gold digger' as her request  for a retrial against Johnny Depp is rejected | Sky News Australia

“This court is bound by the competent decision of the jury.” 

When asked what he thought of Heard, Mickey played it safe. ‘I have no idea, I don’t know anything about her. I know nothing about her at all.’

He then got back to Johnny. ‘I think he’s a really good guy, always been low key, a gentleman,’ said the former boxer.

The second part of Piers Morgan’s Mickey Rourke interview aired on Tuesday on Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8 pm.

Source: dailymail.co.uk