Purrfect Cat Care Hacks Every Cat Owner Will Love

Easily make an under-table or under-chair cat hammock with cloth and Velcro straps.

Cat Hacks 19

Make a cat tent out of a T-shirt and two hangers.

Cat Hacks 20

Got feral cats in the backyard? Keep ‘em warm this winter.

Cat Hacks 21

Keep cats busy for hours with this DIY Tupperware cutout puzzle.

Cat Hacks 22

Let your cats scratch themselves with this DIY self-petting station made with toilet bowl brushes.

Cat Hacks 23

You can make your own Clever cat litter box for a fraction of the cost.

Cat Hacks 24

Glue a carpet sample to a wooden frame for a minimalist cat scratch post.

Cat Hacks 25

Covered in cat hair? Of course you are.

Cat Hacks 26