Strictly ‘No Men Allowed’ Club Night Is Coming To The UK

More ‘no men allowed’ club nights are scheduled to take place across the country A nightclub in Manchester will be hosting a ‘no men allowed’ club night as part of a nationwide tour. On May 7, Lick Events will take over the Ritz nightclub, which is guaranteed to be a success with, well, anyone who isn’t a male.

Lick evenings, according to the company, are ‘for women, by women,’ with a stringent ‘no males permitted’ restriction.

The company’s goal is to create a safe environment for women and transgender individuals to party, and it has been in operation for some time.

They first launched to great acclaim in London’s Vauxhall neighborhood in 2019, and now they’re heading to Manchester, which is sure to be a hit with event business enthusiasts.

This spring, the Northern event is part of a tour of UK cities that includes Birmingham and Brighton. More sites are in the works right now.

Monique B, Janelle Wynter, and Miller Black will all perform DJ sets at the Manchester event, according to the firm.

The 'no men allowed' club night is coming to Manchester in May. Credit: Alamy

On Lick Event’s TikTok account, there’s a video called “heaven” that promotes the night out and shows partygoers dancing and having a good time.

Naturally, users on TikTok reacted well to the video, and many people were quickly on board with the concept.

One person said: “You know how I know this works? Because it would never work if it was an all men bar. Men go on the pull. Girls go to have fun.”

Another added: “I am a middle-aged het man and love this. Women partying with women will be a fun atmosphere.”

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“It’s like all the drunken love in women’s bathroom in a club – but it’s the whole club!” a third said.

Some even expected that the event would go global: “Wow we should have these in the Netherlands… I would love a night out without being harassed.”

While another pointed out that the event would create a safe haven for those allowed to attend: “This looks so safe and fun. Imagine being able to dress up and not be sexually harassed while trying to dance w/ ur friends.”

Many people are excited about the club because s*xual assaults and rape continue to be a problem on nights out in the UK, with The Guardian reporting that the number of r*pes in England and Wales reached an all-time high in 2021.