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22 Scary Pictures That Will Make Every Girl Shriek With Pain

1. Getting your hair tangled in a hair tie.

2. Or stuck in a seatbelt.

3. This horror.

4. The feeling of your underwire bursting free and stabbing you repeatedly in the boob.

5. Doing this at the worst possible moment.

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6. Getting your eyebrows done and having a liiiittle chunk of your face fall out.

14 People Who Just Can Not Stop Annoying You on Texts

1. The overly-attentive parent:


2. Or the family member who doesn’t quite get the concept of texting:


3. That f**kboy who doesn’t believe in texting before 11:00p.m.:


4. That friend who texts you to kill time:


5. The friend who you text live updates about you favorite show:


6. The person who doesn’t realize they are TORTURING YOU by taking their sweet time to respond:


7. The person who responds promptly once, and then proceeds to throw their phone in the ocean:


24 Annoying Struggles Only Extremely Tall Girls Can Understand!

1. Taking selfies with your friends is… a challenge.

2. There is no such thing as floor-length pants. There are only varying lengths of capris.

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3. You Google your male celebrity crushes’ heights like…

4. And sometimes you’re not sure you can trust WHY you like someone.

5. And you have to get creative when you want to be at least even with a date for photo purposes.

6. When you’re trying to have a conversation with a friend.

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16 Pictures That Describe the Annoying Struggle of Choosing What to Eat Everyday

1. The daily crisis.


2.The way this conversation always begins.


3. …and the way it always proceeds.


4. When you’re trying to act like you’re laid-back about it.




6.When the pressure is too much.


18 Annoying Things People Go Through When They Are The Youngest of All Siblings!

1. Getting called “the baby” even though you are old enough to have multiple babies.


2. Everyone somehow being completely shocked that you’re grown up. Every. Single. Year.


3. Relatives still kinda thinking you’re in high school when you’ve been out of college for several years.


4. Sitting at the kids table when you’re 24.


5. Still feeling like you are breaking the law when you (legally) drink alcohol around your family.


6. And finally being able to get drunk with your siblings…right when they’ve decided to turn into responsible adults/parents.


19 annoying things we all go through while making a plan. #12 is so true it hurts

1. The inevitable:
making plans 1

2. When the day comes:
making plans 2

3. OMW:
making plans 3

4. Being busy:
making plans 4

5. Coming up with ideas:
making plans 5

6. Your worst nightmare:
making plans 6