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23 Awesome Mothers Who Rock at Motherhood!

1. This mom, who forgot Panic at the Disco’s name.


2. This mom, who wasn’t up on her lingo.


3. This mom, who had some advice about porn names.


4. This mom, who had a much better title for Game of Thrones.


5. This mom, who wasn’t satisfied with “LOL” or “LMAO.”


6. This mom, who tried to reason with the dog.


20 Bookstore Signs Reveal How Awesome it is to Read Books!


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17 Awesome Gift Ideas For Lazy Souls

1. Get a Netflix gift card as a physical card or by email.


2. Purchase a Hulu Plus gift card (up to $100) for your TV-obsessed friend.


3. Spotify gift cards are available at major big box retailers like Target.


4. Send an iTunes gift via email to buy songs, apps, or an Apple Music membership.


5. You can also gift specific apps by going to the App Store page, tapping the share button (top right), and selecting “Gift.”


6. Google Play gift cards for movies, music, books, apps, and more are also available by email.


20 Extremely Awesome You Won’t Believe Happened at Target

1. When it owned this guy.

Target 1


2. This sale that’s just to die for.

Target 2


3. This AMAZING activewear mannequin.

Target 20


4. When it stocked some very tasty beverages.

Target 4


5. And delicious dinners.

Target 5


6. When this employee was just done.

Target 6


7. When these pillows were not found.

Target 7

20 Awesome Parenting Products You Must Get Right Now!

Durable, aviator-style sunglasses made specifically for kids and babies

Special compression clothing that helps postpartum women deal with leg cramps and achy bodies as they start to get active again

These cups that stick to the fridge, so your kids can get themselves water whenever they want it

These jackets and puffy vests that close with magnets instead of zippers or buttons

These specially designed swim goggles that allow parents to avoid the hair-pulling drama associated with putting on traditional goggles

This “smart pacifier” that lets you monitor your baby’s temperature and pacifier’s location from your smartphone

This all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing

This baby monitor that lets parents keep tabs on their baby without taking their focus from the road

This baby swing alternative that moves in five different motions — mimicking the movements of actual parents

This breastfeeding monitor that lets you know how much milk your baby eats at each feeding

7 Reasons Drinking Coffee Will Make you Awesome in Bed

It increases female libido
It increases female libido

It makes people better athletes
It makes people better athletes

It reduces erectile dysfunction in men
It reduces erectile dysfunction in men

The smell of coffee reduces stress
The smell of coffee reduces stress

Their brains work better
Their brains work better

They’ll wake you with the sweet smell of brewing coffee in the morning
They'll wake you with the sweet smell of brewing coffee in the morning

They’re happier than most
They're happier than most