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If you’re cold they’re cold bring them inside

If you're cold they're cold bring them inside bring bear inside bring caugar inside bring deer inside bring horse inside bring them inside bring your bison inside bring your hippo inside bring your husbands inside bring zombies inside

Funny sayings bound to make you laugh

Funny sayings bound to make you laugh I-am-having-a-contest-with- I-am-living-proof-of-the-fa I-am-more-attracted I-am-pretty-sure-I-know-wha I-asked-the-lady-from-the-c I-avoid-online-dating-sites I-can-tell-by-the-way-you-g I'd-fight-a-bear-for-you. I-didn't-know-how-badly-we- I-don't-go-crazy.-I-am-craz I-don't-know-much-about-pol