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30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL

30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL Diet-day-1 i have removed all the bad food from the house it was delicious Ever just look at someone and think this mofo is gonna the reason i go to jail Females-are-super-simple-with-them-yes-means-yes How many of us have ever looked around our family reunions I dont think i could stab i can berely get the straw in the capri sun I just told the monster under my bed that rent is due I miss you so much that i wish i could remember I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal

Longest nerve in body

Longest nerve in body

funny sayings of the week

funny sayings of the week A-good-man-breaks-your-head I make my own coffee I'm-sorry-I-was-a-hateful My-favorite-exercise-at-the Please-don't-interrupt-me-w Remember-before-facebook Sometimes-its-best-not-to Strangers-think-I'm-quiet,- Time-to-get-my-blackout-on.

Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week A-best-friend-is-someone-wh According-to-my-nipples, A-quite-man-is-a-thinking-m Ever-notice-how-I-don't-tel Fool-me-once I-just-got-flipped-off-from It's-only-murder-if-they-fi My-favorite My-mother-in-law's-coming.. Nothing-ruins-hump-day-like You're-looking-for-a-good-g

10 short jokes that will make you laugh

10 short jokes girlfriend Halloween-is,-by-far,-the-s If-my-body-is-ever-found-de If-one-of-your-friends-post I'm-scared-of-what-the-futu I'm-the-kind-of-friend-who- I-said-to-the Is-there-a-legal-expert-on- I-think-the-hardest-part-of