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25 Things You Will Understand If You Are Not a Morning Person

1. OK, first things first, this isn’t a post for people who are all, “OH, look at me, I’m so cute, I can’t stand mornings!!!!!”


2. THIS, comrades, is a post for people who are profoundly traumatised by the process of waking up each and every morning.

3. You’re not just like, “Oh, jeez, I haven’t had my coffee yet!”


4. You wake up every morning and – NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS – it’s the worst part of your day by a mile.

5. You have never made a remotely cute face in the morning.


6. No matter how logical and put together you are for the rest of the day, when you’ve just woken up, NOTHING is worth getting out of bed for.


7. Seriously, nothing is more important than continued sleep. Supposed to be meeting a friend? F*#k friendship.


24 Fails That are Just Bound to Happen

1. This mixup.


2. This inevitable slip-up.


3. This potential disASSter.


4. This potentially upsetting purchase.


5. This fail that’s just waiting to happen.


6. This exceptionally evil piece of architecture.


Funny Quotes of the week

Funny Quotes of the week Either-my-boss-just-accidentally-sent-a-text Every morning I long to hold you Ohhh coffee I love you Fun fact. Women can actually hear when their husbands or children roll their eyes over the phone. How-I-see-math-word-problems I just tried to kill spider with hairspray

Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week Do you know what i am thinking Don't-you-just-love-it-when-you-call-out-someone Hockey the only professional spoet where you have to sit in time out I can tell by the way you park your car that i hate you i ll never be old enought to know better - Copy

Funny quotes of the week

Funny quotes of the week Again-I-am-in-public-and-cant-respond A-husband-is-someone-whoafter-taking-the-trash-out Always-remember-it's-better-to-arrive-late-than-ugly A-police-officer-came-to-my-house-and-asked

30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL

30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL Diet-day-1 i have removed all the bad food from the house it was delicious Ever just look at someone and think this mofo is gonna the reason i go to jail Females-are-super-simple-with-them-yes-means-yes How many of us have ever looked around our family reunions I dont think i could stab i can berely get the straw in the capri sun I just told the monster under my bed that rent is due I miss you so much that i wish i could remember I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal