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21 Things All Lazy Foodies Will Relate To

1. You consider cereal an acceptable meal at any time of the day.

2. And a simple, sad sandwich is a pretty solid dinner by your standards.


3. Although you’d usually rather just eat the ingredients than bother putting together an actual sandwich.


4. If you have a friend, family member, or housemate who cooks…you kind of depend on them for proper meals.


5. But you hopefully always do the washing up for this person.

6. Whoever usually feeds you probably wonders how you feed yourself when they’re not there.


7. When you DO cook for yourself, you are more than likely to set off the fire alarm, burn yourself, or both.

19 Hysterical Pictures That Every Die Hard Food Lover Will Relate To!

1. When someone asks for a piece of your food:

2. Every morning at 10.

3. The real 420:

4. <3 <3 <3

5. When all you want is a FREAKING CONE.

6. One words: TACOS.


7. Emotions.

Funny sayings of the week

funny sayings of the week Before not b4 we speak englsih not bingo Dance-like-nobody-is-watching-because-they-are-checking-their-phones Don't piss me off my back yard is already full Facebook should have a limit on the number of times people I find it offensive when cashiers look at money like its fake

Funny quotes of the week

Funny quotes of the week Again-I-am-in-public-and-cant-respond A-husband-is-someone-whoafter-taking-the-trash-out Always-remember-it's-better-to-arrive-late-than-ugly A-police-officer-came-to-my-house-and-asked

16 Pictures That Describe the Annoying Struggle of Choosing What to Eat Everyday

1. The daily crisis.


2.The way this conversation always begins.


3. …and the way it always proceeds.


4. When you’re trying to act like you’re laid-back about it.




6.When the pressure is too much.


As the mother in law tucked into dinner at our place

As the mother in law tucked into dinner at our place