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12 times you could totally relate to Disney characters

1. Trying to figure out what the eff to do with our hair after getting out of the water.

Relatable disney 1


2. Avoiding people is a regular occurrence in my life. Over it.

Relatable disney 2


3. You wear your makeup to bed and sleep like a corpse when your new bae stays over so they think you always look that awesome.

Relatable disney 3


4. “Don’t come in, I’m changing,” seems to translate to “Hurry up and come in before I put clothes on!”

Relatable disney 4


5. Wanting to drop a KILLER line to every ex we’ve ever had…and then knock ’em out.

Relatable disney 5


6. How does this still piss me off even when I’m almost 30?!

Relatable disney 6