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22 Things You Will Understand If Your Mum is A Facebook Addict

1. In the early days your mum wasn’t quite sure what she was doing on Facebook.


2. And it took her a little while to work it all out.


3. Some of your mum’s early Facebook statuses were probably slightly cryptic.


4. And she definitely sent some messages you wouldn’t send.


5. It may have taken her a little while to get a hang of the lingo.


6. But now your mum is a goddamn Facebook machine.


14 People Share Embarrassing Places They Farted At. No.10 Will Make You ROFL!

1. During a class about the Holocaust.

2. In bed.

3. Just before a thesis defense.

4. During a massage.

5. During Silent Ball.

6. While dancing in the middle of a large crowd.

7. While interviewing Tony Blair.

20 Badly named People, We totally pity Mr Dick Felt ;)


Wierd Names 1

Wierd Names 2

Wierd Names 3

Wierd Names 4

Wierd Names 5

Wierd Names 6

These 21 Parents have surpassed the word Embarrassing


Cool Parents? HAH! You Wish … :p

Parents 1

Parents 2

Parents 3

Parents 4

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