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21 Tips To Take From These People Who Perfectly Took Revenge From Their Exes.

1.This genius…

2.”My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex wife.”


3.This woman who got a new piece of art.


4.So brutal.


5.This woman who resold an exes gift.


6.This absolute savage…


7.This guy who bought the house next door to his ex-wife and installed an interesting sculpture…


Funny sayings of the week that are bound to make you laugh

Funny sayings of the week that are bound to make you laugh Be-nice-to-people-because-you-never-know Can-we-all-just-have-a-minute-of-silence Crazy-people-have-a-lot-of-experince i ll never be old enought to know better I-didn't-do-it-then-why-are-you-laughing

15 Heartbreaking Confessions of People Who Got Awfully Dumped in Love!

1. This person who just can’t catch a break:


2. This person whose breakup was very intimate:


3. This person whose breakup lasted less than 10 seconds:


4. This person whose ex had a million trillion things they’d rather do:


5. This person who at least got invited:


16 crazy breakup messages will make you ROFL

Breakups 1

Breakups 2

Breakups 3

Breakups 4

Breakups 5

You would not Believe the Reasons these 27 people broke up for!


Yes they exist 😛

Break Up 1

Break Up 2

Break Up 3

Break Up 4

Break Up 5

Break Up 6

Break Up 7

Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week Farted-in-my-wallet-Now-I-have-gas-money Girls-love-shoes. I keep telling myself to stop talking to weirdos i mean i know i can be really mean and stuff I-Don't-Sugar-Coat-Shit I'd-tell-you-to-kiss-my-ass If-I-Ever-Get-A-Boob-Job