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29 Extremely Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Will Make You LOL!

1. Now we know why Sarah was always so joyful


2. This guy who captured the hard realities of growing up


3. It’s because of this advice that Joanna had to take grade 10 math three times


4. Setting it straight once and for all


5. A reminder to all those teachers who call kids out for sleeping in class


6. The entry that speaks for all of generation Y and the millennials.


7. This perfectly placed twosome


24 Annoying Struggles Only Extremely Tall Girls Can Understand!

1. Taking selfies with your friends is… a challenge.

2. There is no such thing as floor-length pants. There are only varying lengths of capris.

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3. You Google your male celebrity crushes’ heights like…

4. And sometimes you’re not sure you can trust WHY you like someone.

5. And you have to get creative when you want to be at least even with a date for photo purposes.

6. When you’re trying to have a conversation with a friend.

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21 Extremely Hilarious Tweets About Disney That Will Make You Laugh All Day Long!









30 Cases of Extremely Hilarious Face Swaps That Will Make You LOL!

1. The cast of Friends:

Face swaps 1


2. A pregnant belly and a man:

Face swaps 2


3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

Face swaps 3


4. A girl and a watermelon:

Face swaps 4


5. A girl and a car’s tire rim.

Face swaps 5

20 Extremely Awesome You Won’t Believe Happened at Target

1. When it owned this guy.

Target 1


2. This sale that’s just to die for.

Target 2


3. This AMAZING activewear mannequin.

Target 20


4. When it stocked some very tasty beverages.

Target 4


5. And delicious dinners.

Target 5


6. When this employee was just done.

Target 6


7. When these pillows were not found.

Target 7

21 Extremely Sarcastic Pictures That Will Make you LOL

1. This bar sign:

Sarcastic Signs 1


2. This innocent birthday card:

Sarcastic Signs 2


3. This bear:

Sarcastic Signs 3


4. This notice:

Sarcastic Signs 4


5. This Siri exchange:

Sarcastic Signs 5


6. A witty vending machine:

Sarcastic Signs 6


7. A dry reply.

Sarcastic Signs 7