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15 Times People Did a Crappy Job At Wrapping Christmas Gifts!

1. So no one could afford enough wrapping paper to cover the escape hatch?


2. Unless that’s a bottle of wine in there, this kid is in for it


3. Nothing says “I love you” like Styrofoam and packing tape


4. That look on her face definitely says she’s too impressed for words


5. Hidden holiday message or just crappy timing?


35 Must-Have Cool Toys of the 80’s Every Kid Craved for Christmas

OK, OK, so this is not a toy. But be honest — you wanted one badly to make movie nights even better (luxe, really). And you were probably jealous of your friend whose family owned one
Big Poppa Popcorn Maker

So you could race along with the other kids in the neighborhood. Plus they looked pretty cool
Big Wheel

These dolls were the ULTIMATE ’80s toy and every kid wanted one. Plus, you could frame the birth certificate and send out announcements.
Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

Care Bears were one of those toys that it seemed you just NEEDED to have as part of your stuffed animal collection, whether you were a fan of the series or not.
Care Bears

He was appealing since you knew it was the closest you were ever going to get to having a real robot
Casey the Talking Robot

ot only were there endless versions of them, but they actually looked exactly like the cartoon characters they were supposed to be. Plus, the smell was so addictive.

Because you badly wanted to be a “big kid” and learn how to skate
Fisher-Price 1-2-3 Roller Skates

Aside from the fact that you could play your favorite tapes, you could also record yourself with this and play it back
Fisher-Price Cassette Tape Player

It was THE medical kit to have if you wanted to play doctor.
Fisher-Price Medical Kit

You need to amass a decent collection in order to go to all-out battle with your sibling’s or neighbor’s G.I. Joes
G.I. Joe Action Figures

Cause they were what all the ~cool~ kids in school had, even if they were more than a little horrifying. Also, the cards were stickers…STICKERS.
Garbage Pail Kids Cards

It’s easy to forget, but Garfield was actually really cool in the ’80s. Not only did he have his comic, but he also had a series of specials and his own Saturday morning cartoon, Garfield & Friends. Plus, you probably saw the Garfield stuffed animal suction cup window cling hanging inside someone’s car anytime you went anywhere
Garfield Stuffed Animals

7 smart gifts you can buy for your guy


1. Cole + Parker

Every gentleman needs a distinguished pair of socks, and for ones that make a bold statement, Cole + Parker is the way to go. Their colorful and unique socks are sure to step up your man’s style.

Guy gifts 2

2. MasterPan

Picture this: cooking all your favorite foods in ONE pan. I’m talking eggs, bacon, grits and toast here—all the essentials are covered in the MasterPan. Plus, one pan = fewer dishes, which makes everyone happy, right?

Guy gifts 3


3. Dr. Squatch

You want your guy to smell freshy-fresh, but harsh chemicals that dry out his skin are a no-no. Thankfully, Dr. Squatch’s line of all natural, handmade soaps and body care products will maintain that manly smell with scents like Gold Moss and Spearmint Basil.

Guy gifts 4


4. Displate

Displate creates unique metal art of pop culture icons to spruce up any man cave. This is a great gift for any guy who binges on Netflix regularly.

Guy gifts 5


5. Star Wars Showerhead

Take your shower to the dark side with this Vader-inspired showerhead.

Guy gifts 8


6. Magic meat defroster

Forgot to defrost some meat for dinner? No problem. This handy little kitchen tool safely defrosts meat in about an hour. No electricity or heat required. It’s magic! (Actually, it’s science, but still amazing).

Guy gifts 10


7. Fitbit

Keep track of your steps, calories and basically your whole life with the Fitbit. Who knew one wristband could do so much?

Guy gifts 11