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18 Things Who Work in Retail Hate About Their Job

1. When you’re just done tidying your section and a customer comes over and doesn’t totally f*#k it up.

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2. Especially if it’s a sale day.


3. When a customer is friendly and accommodating when you tell them you’re out of their size.

4. When you peel a sticky label off in one go.

5. When you know ~exactly~ where the label is on something weird shaped and it scans first time.

6. When you get to use a radio at any point.


16 Struggles of Women Who Absolutely Hate to Shave!

1. Shaving is the worst chore ever. Legs, armpits, bikini line – it’s a task you regularly try to avoid doing.


2. It’s not just the fact shaving takes a long time (and it takes a really fucking long time), it’s that razors are downright evil.

3. No matter how careful you are, you always manage to cut yourself.

4. Or miss a spot.

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5.The longer your limbs, the more tiresome shaving is.


6.And if you’re particularly hairy, it can literally take you an entire day to become hair free.


21 facts to which if you agree, would mean you HATE YOUR JOB :p

1. The constant struggle:

lazy workers 1


2. Your official uniform:

lazy workers 2


3. Days off:

lazy workers 3


4. Accepting your fate:

lazy workers 4


5. The morning commute:

lazy workers 5


6. Day dreaming:

lazy workers 6


7. Relating to this picture on a spiritual level:

lazy workers 7

21 pictures that show how people feel, Who just hate driving

1. THE hand:

Hate Driving 1


2. Betrayal:

Hate Driving 2


3. Fights on the road:

Hate Driving 3


4. This amazing gadget:

Hate Driving 4


5. Your past haunting you:

Hate Driving 5


6. The struggle:

Hate Driving 6


7. Making your own rules:

Hate Driving 7

20 things that prove you are the girl who hates feelings

The idea of a weepy romantic comedy is completely lost on you.

Hate feelings 1


While many people find couples cute, you find them kinda gross.

Hate feelings 2


Because PDAs are the absolute worst and you will avoid them at all costs.

Hate feelings 3


You’re the worst person to bring to a wedding or funeral because you’re always the only dry-eyed person in attendance.

Hate feelings 4


Which can make dating pretty difficult sometimes.

Hate feelings 5


It’s not that you’re completely emotionless, it’s that you can’t deal with too many emotions all in one go.

Hate feelings 7

Compliments make you cringe because you have no idea how to take them.

Hate feelings 8

12 Charts For People Who Totally Hate Socializing