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Funny Sayings of the week

funny sayings of the week Facebook crushes are all fun and games Girls send him to KFC Humanity is losing its geniuses I will never be over the hill If you ever wanna know what a woman's mind feel If-aliens-ever-land-on-earth If-you-can't blow them away

Humorous Sayings of the week

Humorous Sayings of the week How do i block you in real life I am not anti social i am anti drama I just realized i am looking for a waiter I propose we add an eight dayto the week If I suddendly smile RUN If you ever start taking things too seriously Let the world say you are crazy Once a month women go completely crazy for about thirty days Texting wasn't always easy That mini heart attack when have sent a text to the wrong number we live in a society where pizza gets to your house

Humorous sayings to make you laugh

Humorous sayings to make you laugh Starbucks-is-not-always-a-g Tell-your-boobs-to-stop-sta wed Welcome-to-Facebook Whenever-i-am-having-a-bad- When-people-call-me-smart Why-are-there-never-any-goo Yes,-I-know-you-stalk-me-an You-know-that-shopping-Cart