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A woman labeled as “gross-girl” lives in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t shower for weeks

A woman who claims to live in the “middle of nowhere” has justified her “gross” way of living, which includes skipping her daily teeth-brushing routine and going a week without taking a shower.

The “gross things I do because I live alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no touch with other humans,” Annabel Fenwick Elliott admitted on TikTok.

Annabel Fenwick Elliott took to TikTok to explain that she doesn't shower, brush her teeth or use deodorant very often.

First, self-described “gross girl” Elliott explained that she doesn’t shower very often, “literally sometimes for a week.”

“I don’t see the point, I don’t really like the feeling, being wet and then having to get dry and it’s cold,” she sighed.

She also said she doesn’t use deodorant — “again I don’t see the point.”

“I don’t see anyone and it doesn’t bother me — I don’t feel very dirty even though I am,” she continued.

Annabel added that she doesn't brush her hair, even though she knows it will get "matted" if she doesn't.

“It’s gross, isn’t it. I do use deodorant if I’m going to Tesco — out of courtesy for other people, but really only then.”

Elliott added that she doesn’t brush her hair, even though she knows it will get “matted” if she doesn’t.

“I don’t brush my teeth very often either,” she said.

“I know that’s really bad and stupid. I don’t like brushing them first thing in the morning because first thing in the morning I eat and it makes everything taste weird.

“You shouldn’t brush your teeth after you eat immediately because apparently, you circulate the food into your teeth which is bad for them — a dentist told me that.

“So given that I snack all day or otherwise forget, there’s just never a good time.”

And when it comes to keeping her crockery and utensils clean, she just rinses them — with water and no soap — because she has a favorite mug and favorite bowl that she always uses.

“I also don’t make my bed and I’m also really stingy about using laundry tablets because they’re really expensive,” she said.

She also just rinses her favourite mug with water so she can use it again and again - rather than putting it in the dishwasher.

Concluding her video, Elliott stated: “So I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to soap and toothpaste and detergent because I’m a hippie, but maybe deep down, inside my soul, I am just a hippie.”

The people who commented on the video were divided on Elliott’s statement regarding her way of life, with one writing: “I work for myself and live alone. I do pretty much the same. It’s heaven!”

“I’m not sure why I’m watching this because I’m the complete opposite,” someone else added.

“Are you like this because you live alone or do you live alone because you live like this? No judgment literally my dream life,” another person asked.

To which Elliott replied: “Ha good question! I am far more civilized when living with others.

“Have just been living alone since I moved out of London during the pandemic.”

Source: nypost.com