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22 Scary Pictures That Will Make Every Girl Shriek With Pain

1. Getting your hair tangled in a hair tie.

2. Or stuck in a seatbelt.

3. This horror.

4. The feeling of your underwire bursting free and stabbing you repeatedly in the boob.

5. Doing this at the worst possible moment.

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6. Getting your eyebrows done and having a liiiittle chunk of your face fall out.

20 Girly Struggles Only Girls Will Understand!

1. The first thing you do when you get home:


2. The problem with pants, in general:


3. When you thought you *almost* had it all:


4. When this terrible mistake happens:


5. Trying to avoid bleeding to death:


6. Using your boobs to your advantage:


7. And then promptly having to do a search and rescue:


19 things that happen when you are a part of a Girl Gang

1. When youā€™re preparing for a massive gossip session.

Girl gang 1


2. When youā€™re caught short and one of your friends has to bail you out with ā€œthe secret handshakeā€.

Girl gang 2


3. And this all too real situation:

Girl gang 3


4. When you and your besties have a girlsā€™ night in.

Girl gang 4


5. And when you see someone you dislike.

Girl gang 5


6. When your group chats mainly consist of deep and intimate conversations about bodily functions.

Girl gang 6


Girls really admire the little things boys do for them

1. When boys have that perfect smileā€¦
Girls really admire the little things boys do for them