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20 of the kick ass crazy street signs ever!

1. Bacon is bae.1


2. When the British apologise for securing their properStreet sign 1


3. Profound words of…madness early morning from the people at the London UndergroundStreet sign 2


4. At least now we know who is in charge Street sign 4


5. As in…nobody cares where you and little Hugo are going, JUST DRESS GO LEFT abeg!Street sign 5


6. We don’t even understand why this has to be a sign. Why?Street sign 6


7. Well, damn.Street sign 7

These crazy people came up with Kickass posses to get clicked with statues

Statue Posing 1

Statue Posing 2

Statue Posing 3

Statue Posing 4

Statue Posing 5

Statue Posing 6

Now this is what you call Kick ass Teachers! ;) See the principal in #18

HAHAHA i want them to teach me 😛

Kickass Teachers 1


Kickass Teachers 2


Kickass Teachers 3


Kickass Teachers 4


Kickass Teachers 5


Kickass Teachers 6


Kickass Teachers 7

19 KickAss Car paint jobs, you ought to get one too

Crazy Paint 1

Crazy Paint 2

Crazy Paint 3

Crazy Paint 4

Crazy Paint 5

Crazy Paint 6