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Linda Evangelista returns to modeling for the first time since her cosmetic procedure left her ‘permanently deformed’

Supermodel Linda Evangelista has announced that she is again back in the modelling business after previously revealing a cosmetic surgery treatment she claimed left her “permanently disfigured,”

The Canadian runway sensation frequently graced the pages of fashion magazines and was recognised as one of the top models of the 1980s and 1990s.

The 57-year-old announced in an Instagram post from last year that she has paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).

The “fat-freezing” operation, which has received FDA approval, is marketed as a “non-invasive alternative to liposuction.” Sadly, Linda experienced a “rare adverse effect” where her fat cells expanded instead of diminished, the reverse of what the treatment was intended to do.

In any case, the outspoken model’s first modelling gig in years has startled. The task involved a forthcoming Fendi fashion show advertisement.

Over the weekend, Evangelista posted a picture from the protest campaign to Instagram. She was dressed in a grey sweater, three pink caps on her head, stylish brown sunglasses, and gloves. She can be seen holding a few Fendi handbags while turning her back on the camera.

“On September 9 2022 @Fendi will host a special fashion show in New York City to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the #FendiBaguette, designed by @silviaventurinifendi, and two years since @mrkimjones joined the Maison as Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear,” she captioned the post.

This makes her return to the industry after a six-year hiatus.

In her September 2021 Instagram post, which was captioned, “#TheTruth #MyStory”, she said that her condition had “destroyed my livelihood” and sent her into “a cycle of deep depression”, which has made her become a “recluse”.

“Today I took a big step towards righting a wrong that I have suffered and have kept to myself for over five years,” she began.

“To my followers who have wondered why I have not been working while my peers’ careers have been thriving, the reason is that I was brutally disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure which did the opposite of what it promised.”

Evangelista wrote:

“It increased, not decreased, my fat cells and left me permanently deformed even after undergoing two painful, unsuccessful, corrective surgeries.I have been left, as the media has described, ‘unrecognizable’.

“I have developed Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH, a risk of which I was not made aware before I had the procedures. PAH has not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing. In the process, I have become a recluse.”

She concluded by hinting that she is now taking legal action, and that she would like to live a life free from shame.

“With this lawsuit, I am moving forward to rid myself of my shame, and going public with my story. I’m so tired of living this way. I would like to walk out my door with my head held high, despite not looking like myself any longer.”

Source: vt.co