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30 Cases of Extremely Hilarious Face Swaps That Will Make You LOL!

1. The cast of Friends:

Face swaps 1


2. A pregnant belly and a man:

Face swaps 2


3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

Face swaps 3


4. A girl and a watermelon:

Face swaps 4


5. A girl and a car’s tire rim.

Face swaps 5

21 Extremely Sarcastic Pictures That Will Make you LOL

1. This bar sign:

Sarcastic Signs 1


2. This innocent birthday card:

Sarcastic Signs 2


3. This bear:

Sarcastic Signs 3


4. This notice:

Sarcastic Signs 4


5. This Siri exchange:

Sarcastic Signs 5


6. A witty vending machine:

Sarcastic Signs 6


7. A dry reply.

Sarcastic Signs 7

“Dont force it”! Words of wisdom written on toilet walls will make you go LOL

Bathroom Wisdom 1

Bathroom Wisdom 2

Bathroom Wisdom 3

Bathroom Wisdom 4

Bathroom Wisdom 5

20 Kid’s Books that are inappropriate for your kids

These pictures would make you want to go through your children’s book once again :p


And then they say we’re the ones with a dirty mind

and then they say we are dirty minded


Now that was rude!




Teaching children not to be racist? LOL

dont be racist LOL



Gone Fishing?

gone fishing did he

funny differences between Britain and American english sure to make you lol

funny differences between english Britain and American english sure to make you lol

Hysterical moments only to happen in Canada sure to make you lol

Canadian controversy

Canadian courtesy

Canadian fast food