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35 rib-tickling text messages from 2015

1. Just do it:
Funny texts 1

2. Request DENIED:
Funny texts 2

3. Stepdad survival:
Funny texts 3

4. Important questions:
Funny texts 4

5. Naming your child:
Funny texts 5

6. Growing up:
Funny texts 6

7. November wishes:
Funny texts 7

8. Music prowess:
Funny texts 8

9. Reality:
Funny texts 9

10. Italian sexting:
Funny texts 10

16 crazy breakup messages will make you ROFL

Breakups 1

Breakups 2

Breakups 3

Breakups 4

Breakups 5

19 Cool Logos of Brands That Have Secret Messages

This is probably one of the most famous logos in this category. Just in case you’re somehow out of the loop, look between the “E” and the “x”. In the white space there is an arrow that subliminally represents speed and precision.

Another famous one, anyone over 50 will connect NBC with a Peacock. Ever since they came out with their new logo though, the peacock has been a little harder to spot.

As prevalent as this logo is we see it all the time, but have you ever noticed how the “g” in “goodwill” and the smiling face look strangely similar?

Although at the time of this writing there are 12 schools in the Big 10 (Nebraska-Lincoln was added this year), when this logo was created following Penn State’s addition in 1990 there were 11. Because the conference didn’t want to change its name it went for something a bit more subtle…logo magic.

Famously known for its 31 flavors (supposedly so that a customer could have a new flavor every day of the month) Baskin-Robbins makes it known in their logo

Elettro Domestici, the Italian electric company, used an interesting mark designed by Gianni Bortolotti that has since become fairly well known in the design community.

The name of the French international hypermarket chain translates to “intersection” in English. If you look closely enough you will notice that the big “C” in the white space is actually constructed out of two arrows pointing in opposite directions. How appropriate.

The brilliant logo for the popular ski resort located in California not only looks like a big “M” but it can also be interpreted as mammoth, a mountain, and a ski trail

The old Northwest Airlines logo is something of a masterpiece with the “N” and “W” both being constructed from the same image. Thats not all though, if you look close enough you’ll also notice that there’s a compass in there. Guess which direction it’s pointing

The white space in this logo pops out a whole lot more than in some of the others so it shouldn’t be that hard to spot the monkey and lion staring each other down

Before its acquisition by Oracle in 2010, the longstanding logo of the computer giant had left its mark on the industry. Cleverly designed by Vaughan Pratt, you should be able to read the word “sun” from any direction

A Guide To Text Messages And What They Actually Mean

A Guide To Text Messages And What They Actually Mean