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12 short jokes and funny sayings

12 short jokes and funny sayings Last-night-I-left-my-dentur Local-news My-blonde-sister-went-to-th My-Boss-asked-me-if-I'd-bee My-FB-pregnancy-test-just-c My-wife-at-night Not-only-is-my-short-time-m Operator So,-I-took-your-advice-and- There-is-a-new-study-about- Tips-for-a-happy-marriage

Cute Cats getting into the Christmas Spirit bound to make you laugh with their cuteness

When it’s Christmas morning and Santa came.
Cute Cats getting into the Christmas Spirit

When someone says they hate Christmas.

When you’re waiting for someone to open your Secret Santa present from you.

When your parents have friends over and you really, really don’t want to have to talk to them, but all the food’s downstairs.

When your friends leave town for Christmas.

When you really, really want to start opening the presents under the tree but your parents say to wait.

When you’re watching Love Actually with your parents and it cuts to the simulated sex scene.

When you meet your cousin’s girlfriend for the first time and you’re all like, “Her?”

When it’s time for lunch but you have to wait until everyone’s been served to start eating.

When an elderly relative starts telling you stories you’ve heard five or 10 times before.

When someone asks you what your new year’s resolutions are.