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Mom reveals her shock to learn her 10-year-old son had arranged a house party without telling her

Imagine seeing 31 kids on your on Monday saying that they are here to attend a party which you didn’t throw! This mum found herself in a similar situation and reveals her shock to learn her 10-year-old son had invited 31 classmates to a party at her house without telling her – and she only found out when a friend texted to get the details to check.

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Diane Campbell, a resident of Bolton, didn’t learn her son Max was in charge of planning the end-of-year party until a friend gave her a picture of an invitation and mentioned that her son was excited to attend.

The naughty child had been inviting his classmates to a party at his house on July 25 keeping his mother unaware of it.

Diane Campbell has revealed her shock at learning her 10-year-old son Max, pictured, had organised a party for 31 classmates at their house without telling her

Luckily Diane discovered the plan a week earlier, and the other parents were informed that the party would not take place.

Diane, a 50 years old professional singer and DJ, said: ‘My friend messaged me to tell me that her son was excited to come to Max’s party.

‘I messaged her back and said “what party?” She told me Max had invited everyone from his class to an end-of-school party.

The cheeky schoolboy had been inviting his classmates to the party at his house on July 25, despite his mother knowing nothing about it. Pictured, the invitations written by Max

‘I had to make a status on Facebook asking people to message me because I had no idea how many invites he’d given out.

‘It’s a big school and there are still loads of parents I haven’t even met or spoken to.

‘Max told me he’d found the invitation cards in my card box from when he had a birthday party before and had filled them out without me knowing.

Fortunately Diane, pictured with her son, learned of the plan a week in advance and was able to contact the other parents to let them know the bash wasn't happening

‘He said he wanted an end-of-term party because Year Six gets one – going from primary to secondary school – and he doesn’t.

‘Nobody turned up, thanks to Facebook, although the neighbors and friends did joke that they were going to gate crash the party with wine and beer.

‘I’m thankful we have Facebook, otherwise, I’d have had 31 kids at my door on Monday.’

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TikTok Trolls labels mum a ‘monster’ for lasering port-wine stain birthmark on her baby’s face

An Australian mother who faced backlash from trolls after removing a port-wine birthmark from her baby’s face claims she did it for the child’s health

When the 33 years old Brooke Atkins gave birth to her second child, a boy named Kingsley, she discovered that a birthmark covered half of his face.

Atkins says port wine-stain birthmarks can develop a ‘cobblestone’ appearance, which makes it harder to treat.

However, if they are above the eye, as Kingsley’s port-wine stain birthmark is, they can be connected to glaucoma and Sturge-Weber disease.

While glaucoma can result in blindness, the disorders can result in convulsions and other impairments. The parents chose to begin laser therapy at the end of May after learning that the infant had both conditions.

The mom admits she felt guilty when trolls attacked her for Kingsley's treatment.

“When he was first born, we were referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital dermatology and vascular department, where they organize the first treatment and explain in further detail why laser would be important,” Atkins explained to NeedToKnow.online.

“The purpose of the laser treatments are not to ‘remove’ the birthmark but instead keep the skin healthy, to prevent any further damage to the area.”

TikTok critics have called the mother of two a “monster” for giving her infant boy laser surgery, despite the fact that the procedure was in his best interests.

Atkins was called a  “monster” for choosing to laser her baby’s large facial birthmark.

“Don’t think I could laser my baby,” one user wrote.

“Brainwashed mother making her kid insecure the second he gets out the womb,” said another.

“Why is everyone supporting this,” another commented.

The mother, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named Amarni with her partner Kewene Wallace, acknowledges that the unfavorable remarks caused her to question her decision.

“Honestly, when I first started reading the negative comments, I sat there for a good half an hour and cried to myself,” she said.

“I had a whole heap of mum guilt, and it made me question my decision. Even though I knew I was doing the right thing, the cruel words still played in my head.

With more than 32,700 people following little Kingsley’s journey on social media, supporters have left plenty of positive comments on the mom’s videos.

“You’re the mom and you know what is best for him,” one user assured her.

Kingsley with mom Brooke, Dad, Kewene and sister Amarni.

“I would have done the same thing and wished I had a strong mum like you to help educate,” agreed another.

“I never realized it could affect health!? Thank you for the video he is adorable!” another user wrote.

The Mayo Clinic claims that Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome or Sturge-Weber syndrome can occasionally cause port-wine stains, necessitating routine medical monitoring.

Kingsley is responding well to treatment.

Kingsley is doing well so far and reacting well to the treatments, according to Atkins, who has booked the next laser visit for August.


Before you comment nasty things – its not just a birthmark,its a portwine stain, the goal isnt to completley remove it, its to keep the skin healthy.Please research PWS before leaving uneducated, negative comments✌🏾

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“Over 20 hospital appointments, two different hospitals, over 10 different specialists and doctors, five different medical departments, three MRIs, one ultrasound, two hearing tests, two operations, two laser treatments, and three diagnoses, all in six months – yet he is the happiest, most loving and sweetest boy you will ever meet!” she gushes.

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Cheating mother shoves mom rival off feet to win a race at daughter’s school

A now-viral video shows the shocking moment a cheating British mother knocked another mother to the ground in order to win a contest at her daughter’s school. It goes without saying that the intensely competitive parent would have done anything to succeed.

"I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!" said Katie McDermott.

“I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!” Katie McDermott, 25, told SWNS of the incident, which occurred while she was racing against other parents and kids during the school’s sports day in Coventry.

The race seems to be going smoothly in the now-viral Facebook video, with everyone having fun and remaining in their lanes. But when McDermott senses that the win is about to be taken from her, she takes matters into her own hands and knocks Chelsey Walford, another mother, to the ground.

Tell me I ain't a competitive parent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Chelsey Walford

Posted by Katie McDermott on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

McDermott shared the video on July 13, along with the caption: “Tell me I ain’t a competitive parent.”

Writing in the post’s comments section, McDermott said that she “had to win”, but her knee-length dress was “restricting” her movement – hence to underhanded tactics. But hey, a win’s a win!

Many of the commenters found the footage hilarious, with one person writing: “That’s totally unfair but bloody brilliant.”

Katie shared a picture showing Walford’s leg with a cool pack around her knee:

“She’s fine guys,” Katie joked, followed by laughing emojis.

There have undoubtedly been many memorable sports day incidents this summer. Last month, another mom gained attention after falling during the parent race at her child’s school.

The incident that occurred when 36-year-old mother Katie Hannaford chose to participate in her daughter’s school sports day was shared on Facebook.

When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s life about ay!Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching! 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Katie Hannaford on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sadly, Hannaford loses her footing as she sprints off the starting line and falls to the ground face first. Even worse, her blue dress flips over her body, exposing her bum and underwear to the curious parents, kids, and teachers in the audience.

She hilariously posted a video to Facebook with the caption: “When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha!”

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A woman almost dies after going to pick up a banknote laced with a mystery substance

A woman described her scary experience about how she picked up some cash she had found on the floor before abruptly collapsing, thinking she was going to die. Picking up the $1 note, Renee Parsons nearly instantly collapsed to the ground. She grasped Justin’s arm when they were together. His lips turned numb, and not long after that, he broke out in a rash where she had touched him.

On Sunday, July 10, Kentucky resident Renee Parsons reported that shortly after picking up the note outside a McDonald’s on Highway 70 in Bellevue, Tennessee, she fell ill.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “We stopped at McDonald’s and while I stand with my 3-month-old baby, and wait for my husband so I could go to the bathroom, I see a dollar bill on the ground.

“Thinking absolutely nothing of it – I picked it up. Holding it in my hand I look around and contemplate giving it to the little girl I saw.

“Right then my husband comes out of the bathroom and I throw the dollar in my pocket, hand him the baby, run to the bathroom.”

But Shortly after picking it up, Parsons said she began to experience numbness all over her body while she was driving with her husband, Justin, and children through Nashville.

“I felt I was dying,” she told WKRN. “I couldn’t even breathe. It’s almost a burning sensation if you will, that starts at your shoulders and just goes down (the body)”.

After feeling like she was going to lose consciousness, Parsons said she clung to her husband Justin “with the same hand that I had the money in” and said: “‘Justin, please help me, it won’t stop, it’s getting worse’.”

Her husband also began experiencing the same symptoms and said: “My lips started going numb and I had my arm broke out in a rash”.

Prior to the terrifying event, Parsons posted on Facebook that she had told her husband about the lucky dollar she had found. Then she recalled him warning her not to pick up cash off the ground because it has been used to make fentanyl.

“Then I grabbed a wipe to wipe off my hands [because] I remembered him telling me not to pick up money off the ground as people have been putting it in fentanyl,” she said. “As he began to somewhat lecture me it hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Eventually, the couple was transferred to a local hospital, where Jason was released after one hour and Renee was released after four.

The physicians determined that the episode was a case of “accidental” drug overdose, and Parsons reported that a police officer claimed the dollar bill had “likely been used to cut or store drugs” like fentanyl, though this is still unproven.

Woman Hospitalised And Nearly Died After Picking Up A Dollar Bill She Found  On The Ground | The Owl News

“The mixture of my wet hands and the alcohol from the wipes, mixed with my bodies reaction to that drug could of cost me my life,” she wrote on Facebook. “God has other plans for me and thankfully I’m able to reflect upon and laugh at just how BLESSED I am to have my husband, who drove like my life depended upon it.”

Nevertheless, the New York Post notes that some specialists have now expressed their skepticism over the family’s OD explanation, despite Renee’s assertions.

According to a Metro Nashville police officer, Parsons clearly wasn’t exposed to fentanyl because she didn’t need Narcan to be revived. Furthermore, according to the officer who was dispatched to the ER in reaction to the event, initial examinations on Renee’s body did not find any evidence of drug use.

I picked up a dollar on the ground — and nearly died | BitLive

Dr. Rebecca Donald, a fentanyl expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, also told News 4: “I think it is really unlikely the substance this lady got into her system is fentanyl based on the symptoms she had.”

“I just want people to know because it could’ve been a child”, Parsons said. She also alerted users on her social media page that the moral of the story is whether it’s a “$20 bill or a $100 bill do not touch it!!!”

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