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12 short jokes and funny sayings

12 short jokes and funny sayings Last-night-I-left-my-dentur Local-news My-blonde-sister-went-to-th My-Boss-asked-me-if-I'd-bee My-FB-pregnancy-test-just-c My-wife-at-night Not-only-is-my-short-time-m Operator So,-I-took-your-advice-and- There-is-a-new-study-about- Tips-for-a-happy-marriage

Hysterical moments only to happen in Canada sure to make you lol

Canadian controversy

Canadian courtesy

Canadian fast food

16 Hilarious Local News You Will Ever Read

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17 Hilarious Local News Captions You’ll Ever See


Hilarious Local News Screenshots

#1 Mustache Tra…Wait.
1 Mustache Tra...Wait.

#2 The Best Day Ever!
2 The Best Day Ever!

#3 Forced to Eat Beard
3 Forced to Eat Beard

#4 VERY Suspicious
4 VERY Suspicious

#5 Bad Timing
5 Bad Timing