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A Property Developer who underwent a nose job after years of insecurity says it’s the best decision he ever made

This man had a nose job and is proud of the decision he made. The 34 years old property Develop Daniel Warwick hated the way his nose looked since he was a teenager and finally took the decision of his life and underwent a £6,000 rhinoplasty in February 2018. 

He was encouraged to have the surgery after seeing a photograph of his nose in profile which he did not like.      

Mr Warwick after the surgery

He told FEMAIL: ‘[When I was younger] I did not really understand what a plastic surgeon was. I was a bit scared because I thought that’s only what women do.

‘It’s not really a man thing. So I have never really paid attention. But when I was a lot older someone took a picture from the side and I fully realized, “whoa I need to change that actually”.’

Mr. Warwick said that shortly after the photo was taken, he started the process of organizing the procedure, which included holding a consultation.

Mr Warwick was prompted to have the surgery after seeing a photograph of his nose in profile which he did not like. Pictured, following the procedure

‘Originally my mum was not supposed to come with me to the surgeon because I told her “listen, I’ll be ok I don’t need anyone with me,’ he continued. 

‘You know, acting as a man would. Two days before the surgery I rang my mum and told her to come with me for mental support.’

After seeing Mr. Alex Karidis for the treatment, Mr. Warwick spent the night in the hospital and had the bandage taken off the following week.

After a few months, the swelling had subsided and he could enjoy his new appearance, but not all of his friends and family had noticed.

Daniel, pictured after the surgery, paid £6,000 at the time for the rhinoplasty. The procedure now costs £12,000

He continued: ‘No one knew I had an operation. I was expecting people to say you look different. None of them did.

‘Of course you had a couple of people who knew me very closely who looked at me from the side and said, “hey something’s different here”. And then I had to tell them, the people who were shown the before and after, they all say, “Oh my god, you know?”‘

As a result of the nose job, he started to look after his body and joined the gym. 

The 34-year-old said: ‘I presume that a lot of men and women have this thing done and I presume also that a lot of men will look down on other men doing it because it is not a manly thing to do.’

As a result of the nose job, Mr Warwick started to look after his body and joined the gym. Pictured, following the procedure in February 2018

He continued by saying that he spoke to some men who had undergone surgery but were hesitant to inform others for fear of being laughed at.

‘One said to me ‘how do you tell people freely you have had a nose job?’

He continued: ‘We are programmed as human beings sometimes to think something is negative when really it’s positive i.e. men having plastic surgery.

‘Why can’t men have it? If it makes you feel better then absolutely. Yes, there are a lot of people that do hide it. And when I speak to them it’s only with other men. If it was a woman they would say it.’

Mr Warwick after the procedure

Daniel continued by saying that it is likely that keeping the surgery a secret and refusing to discuss it will have an impact on men’s mental health and that they need assistance and to watch out for one another.

‘I’ve actually learned to love myself after this operation and I am who I am. 

Daniel said that after his procedure, no one knew he had an operation. He expected people to say he looked different but no one did other than people who knew him very closely

‘I learned to live with it. Am I perfect? I am just a normal human being but I learned to love myself and that’s what is important.’ 

Source: dailymail.co.uk