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Funny Quotes of the week

Funny Quotes of the week I love all your stories where you are always the victim If-you-want-me-to-go-running-with-you I-haven't-been-this-excited-about-a-friday-since-last-friday I'm-always-forced-to-do-things-that-im-not-qualified-for I'm-changing-my-name-toNobody-on-facebook

21 Extremely Sarcastic Pictures That Will Make you LOL

1. This bar sign:

Sarcastic Signs 1


2. This innocent birthday card:

Sarcastic Signs 2


3. This bear:

Sarcastic Signs 3


4. This notice:

Sarcastic Signs 4


5. This Siri exchange:

Sarcastic Signs 5


6. A witty vending machine:

Sarcastic Signs 6


7. A dry reply.

Sarcastic Signs 7

15 Sarcastic Responses To Totally Innocent Signs … #5 Will Make You Jump








Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week I don't keep calm I'd-take-a-bullet-for-you if i start giggling for no apparent reason If my doctor told me i had one year left in my life I-hug-people-i-hate I'm A Hopeless Romantic I'm-moving-in-life it shoudnt be called pay day It's-not-a-grey-hair I-wasn't-always sarcastic My-Saturday-was-going-pretty well

10 hilarious and sarcastic questions

10 hilarious and sarcastic questions How-do-I-block-you-in-real- How-long-after-walking-into If-a-bra-is-an If-my-girlfriend-falls-on-t Two-things When-is-this-'old-enough-to Why-are-iPhone--chargers-no Why-are-there-never-any-goo Why-is-it-that-the-one-who-

12 funny quotes to make you laugh

12 funny quotes to make you laugh Don't-try-to-understand-wom Good-judgment-comes-from-ex Great-parenting-lies-somewh I-don't-have-an-attitude-pr If-we-agree Now-I-won't-be-going-out-to The-closest-I've-come-to-wo The-sight-of-a-woman's-clea When-life-knocks-me-down,-i When-my-boss-asked-me-who-i You-said-you-couldn't-live-