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30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL

30 funny sayings that will make you ROFL Diet-day-1 i have removed all the bad food from the house it was delicious Ever just look at someone and think this mofo is gonna the reason i go to jail Females-are-super-simple-with-them-yes-means-yes How many of us have ever looked around our family reunions I dont think i could stab i can berely get the straw in the capri sun I just told the monster under my bed that rent is due I miss you so much that i wish i could remember I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal

Funny Sayings of the week

funny sayings of the week Facebook crushes are all fun and games Girls send him to KFC Humanity is losing its geniuses I will never be over the hill If you ever wanna know what a woman's mind feel If-aliens-ever-land-on-earth If-you-can't blow them away

24 World Personalities and Their Awesome Comeback Sayings









Funny Sayings of the week

Funny Sayings of the week
Clapping repeatedly high five Don't sweat the petty things
Feeling-Ugly Go chill in walmart
Husbands are best people
I don't jump to conclusions
I hate it when the voices in my head

Funny sayings of the week that will make you laugh

Funny sayings of the week that will make you laugh I didn't break the rules they were already broken I love that point when you are so tired I-bought-shoes-from-a-drug-dealer If-people-are-talking-about-you I-like-the-sound-you-make I'm at that awkward age I'm-on-a-seafood-diet

Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week Farted-in-my-wallet-Now-I-have-gas-money Girls-love-shoes. I keep telling myself to stop talking to weirdos i mean i know i can be really mean and stuff I-Don't-Sugar-Coat-Shit I'd-tell-you-to-kiss-my-ass If-I-Ever-Get-A-Boob-Job