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22 Real Struggles of Being the Elder Sibling

It sucks, let me tell you. It totally does! It is so much better being the younger one. But nooooo! Nature decides to put you at the top of the lot. Oh the torture!

1. When you were forced to share a toy, but you made sure your younger siblings could barely get their hands on it:


2. When your youngest sibling would make THIS face after committing the Crime of the Century, which your parents would inevitably pin on you:


3. When your parents would have you babysit your siblings and you’d immediately make sure they knew of your AUTHORITY:


4. When you discovered that your sibling snooped through your things when you weren’t home:


5. When you made this face after a younger sibling started crying mid-horseplay:


6. When you shared a room growing up and tried to assert your authority, but they were having none of it:


Awkward moments when your parents turn up

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