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This Man survived 18 hours at sea by clinging to a half-inflated soccer ball kids lost on the beach

This amazing tale describes how a tourist escaped drowning by relying solely on a small inflatable ball.

The 30-year-old tourist only known as Ivan got into trouble on Saturday when he got swept up in strong currents off the coast of Myti Beach in Kassandra, Greece. Friends who were concerned about Ivan’s disappearance informed the coastguard, but Ivan, a native of North Macedonia, was deemed lost at sea.

Macedonian citizen, Ivan, who was rescued after spending over 18 hours at sea holding on a lost ball in Greece.

The lucky man, who has only been named Ivan from North Macedonia, was enjoying a swim in the surf off the coast of Kassandra, Greece, when strong currents drew him away from the shore, according to The Independent.

Ivan was deemed lost at sea after his companions informed the Greek coastguard of the danger he was in. Ivan was not by himself, even if the coastguard personnel was having trouble getting to him.

Myti Beach in Posidi, Greece with waves crashing on the shore.

The North Macedonian man was astounded to find a little soccer ball bouncing on the waves as he struggled to keep afloat. Two boys, Tryphon, 11, and Thanos, 6, were playing in the sea on the Greek island of Lemnos when they lost the ball.

The mayor of Kassandra, Anastasia Chalkia, posing with unidentified men and the ball that helped Ivan in the sea in Greece.

The ball managed to float till it found Ivan despite the fact that the boys had lost it 10 days earlier (on June 30), and Lemnos is more than 80 miles away from where he was swept away.

Ivan discovered that holding onto the buoyant ball allowed him to stay afloat even when his legs were too worn out to continue kicking.

On July 10, after a whopping 18 hours at sea, a Greek Air Force helicopter finally located the castaway from above and plucked him from the seas.

A map detailing how a man survived 18h ours adrift clinging onto a football lost by boys 10 days earlier.

Ivan’s father posed for photos with Anastasia Chalkia, the mayor of Kassandra, and the soccer ball that saved his son’s life while he was in the hospital getting better.

In yet another amazing turn of events, Tryphon and Thanos’ mother saw the news image and recognised Ivan’s lucky ball as the one that her sons had lost a few days earlier.

Per The Independent, Chalkia wrote in a Facebook post, writing: “I had constant information on the course of the rescue and am very happy about the smooth ending of the young man’s adventure.”

“The young man found a ball that saved his life as he helped him when he got tired,” she described, before moving on to thank all those who had helped in the rescue:

“Thanks to the port, the EKAB and the Kassandra Health Center, the air force, the Greek police, the fishermen’s boats of Nea Skioni, the two boats sailing in the area, all the rescue teams and the volunteers.”

Source: vt.co

A Man Found A Box Covered In The Snow, What Happens Next Is Heartwarming

During a long day of work, a man miraculously stumbled across a white box,
nearly buried in snow. It was freezing out and the box was covered in snow
and partially in branches. What he found inside broke his heart, so he decided
to do something about it.

The box that he found was barely visible in the snow, as it was white and partially hidden.
It’s a miracle he spotted it at all.
When he peered inside, he saw this depressing scene: a tiny kitten, obviously
cold and sick, sitting next to frozen food.

Then, he looked closer. There was another kitten inside, hiding behind his brother.
There weren’t homes, shelter or food anywhere in sight.
The kittens were obviously on their own, and slowly dying out in the wilderness.
So, he took in those abandoned kittens, determined to help them survive.
The cat at the back of the box didn’t look so bad. She was still sick,
but not in bad shape like her brother.

Without help, the brother at the front of the box surely would have died.
He is still very sick, is covered in his own feces and is struggling to stay alive.

If separated at all, the kittens will cry out. They are terrified to be
without each other.

The kittens needed medical attention, but during the night their saviors
did what they could.