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TikTok Trolls labels mum a ‘monster’ for lasering port-wine stain birthmark on her baby’s face

An Australian mother who faced backlash from trolls after removing a port-wine birthmark from her baby’s face claims she did it for the child’s health

When the 33 years old Brooke Atkins gave birth to her second child, a boy named Kingsley, she discovered that a birthmark covered half of his face.

Atkins says port wine-stain birthmarks can develop a ‘cobblestone’ appearance, which makes it harder to treat.

However, if they are above the eye, as Kingsley’s port-wine stain birthmark is, they can be connected to glaucoma and Sturge-Weber disease.

While glaucoma can result in blindness, the disorders can result in convulsions and other impairments. The parents chose to begin laser therapy at the end of May after learning that the infant had both conditions.

The mom admits she felt guilty when trolls attacked her for Kingsley's treatment.

“When he was first born, we were referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital dermatology and vascular department, where they organize the first treatment and explain in further detail why laser would be important,” Atkins explained to NeedToKnow.online.

“The purpose of the laser treatments are not to ‘remove’ the birthmark but instead keep the skin healthy, to prevent any further damage to the area.”

TikTok critics have called the mother of two a “monster” for giving her infant boy laser surgery, despite the fact that the procedure was in his best interests.

Atkins was called a  “monster” for choosing to laser her baby’s large facial birthmark.

“Don’t think I could laser my baby,” one user wrote.

“Brainwashed mother making her kid insecure the second he gets out the womb,” said another.

“Why is everyone supporting this,” another commented.

The mother, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named Amarni with her partner Kewene Wallace, acknowledges that the unfavorable remarks caused her to question her decision.

“Honestly, when I first started reading the negative comments, I sat there for a good half an hour and cried to myself,” she said.

“I had a whole heap of mum guilt, and it made me question my decision. Even though I knew I was doing the right thing, the cruel words still played in my head.

With more than 32,700 people following little Kingsley’s journey on social media, supporters have left plenty of positive comments on the mom’s videos.

“You’re the mom and you know what is best for him,” one user assured her.

Kingsley with mom Brooke, Dad, Kewene and sister Amarni.

“I would have done the same thing and wished I had a strong mum like you to help educate,” agreed another.

“I never realized it could affect health!? Thank you for the video he is adorable!” another user wrote.

The Mayo Clinic claims that Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome or Sturge-Weber syndrome can occasionally cause port-wine stains, necessitating routine medical monitoring.

Kingsley is responding well to treatment.

Kingsley is doing well so far and reacting well to the treatments, according to Atkins, who has booked the next laser visit for August.


Before you comment nasty things – its not just a birthmark,its a portwine stain, the goal isnt to completley remove it, its to keep the skin healthy.Please research PWS before leaving uneducated, negative comments✌🏾

♬ original sound – larissalambert

“Over 20 hospital appointments, two different hospitals, over 10 different specialists and doctors, five different medical departments, three MRIs, one ultrasound, two hearing tests, two operations, two laser treatments, and three diagnoses, all in six months – yet he is the happiest, most loving and sweetest boy you will ever meet!” she gushes.

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A viral TikTok shows a Queen’s guard shouting at a tourist for touching his horse’s reins as they pose for a photo

A popular TikTok video from early July shows a member of the Queen’s Guard yelling at a tourist who touched the reins of his horse. The guard was criticized on social media by TikToker Ethan (@ phigs), who said he would “never return to London” as a result of the incident.


We Will Never Return To London After This Incident #queensguard #london #england #fypシ

♬ original sound – Ethan

A woman can be seen in the video clip standing next to a soldier on a large black horse outside London’s Buckingham Palace. Ethan reveals that the woman is his step-mom.

In order to get a good shot, Ethan’s stepmother moves up to the horse and the guards and eventually reaches out to grab the reins.

The horse shows signs of apparent agitation when she performs this, which makes the guard unhappy. Just as the photo is being taken, he shouts at the woman: “Stand back from the Queen’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins!”

Tourist Screamed At By Queen's Guard After She Touches His Horse

Ethan’s step-mom is startled and steps away from the horse in fright. Her stepson mentioned in the video’s caption: “We Will Never Return To London After This Incident.”

The video has generated a lot of buzzes since he posted it on TikTok, garnering over 4.7 million views and tens of thousands of comments.

Many people criticized Ethan’s stepmother for petting the guard’s horse in the comments section, pointing out that both the soldier and his animal were on duty.

“Serves her right you aren’t allowed to touch the guard,” one person wrote, while another added: “It’s not Disney they are working horses and serving army.”

Tourist shocked after Queen's guard screams at her for touching reins on  his horse - Daily Star

“You do realise they are actual guards and not just tourist attractions,” a third chimed in.

An Army Spokesperson also gave an official response to the incident.

“We take all incidents like this seriously and want to ensure all those who visit Horse Guards have an enjoyable time,” they said per The Mirror.

wp-image-1263162911 size-full
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They continued: “This area is particularly busy with tourists and on occasions, the soldiers undertaking Guard duty need to shout loudly to alert members of the public if they get too close to the horses, which happened in this case.

“We have signs placed alongside the horse boxes, stating that the horses bite and would always encourage the public not to get close to horses, as, after all, they are animals and can be unpredictable.”

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Tesco Shopper gets Clubcard Tattooed On Arm So He Never Misses A Bargain

Want to stop frequently forgetting your Tesco Clubcard? This man, though, offers a remedy for your forgetfulness. Last Saturday (July 16), the 30 years old Dean Mayhew spent £200 to have the QR code from his Clubcard permanently inked at A Star Tattoos in Chessington, southwest London.

Dean Mayhew got his Clubcard tattooed on his arm

Now that the store offers a variety of discounts and specials, Dean always carries his card with him.

Dan Rossetter, a tattoo artist, is shown stenciling the code onto a piece of paper before applying it to Dean’s wrist in a video that has now gone viral on TikTok.

The tattoo artist is then seen meticulously copying the complex code with his needle in the hope that Tesco will be able to scan it.

Dean and Dan attempt to use the code to purchase cookies in the video by going to the closest Tesco store. Unfortunately, because of the strange angle, Dean is unable to sufficiently bend his arm to allow the code to scan.

After what appears to be a failure, the cashier tries his luck and manages to scan the tattooed Clubcard.

Since the tattoo has impressed TikTok viewers, expect to see some imitators in the near future. Depending on how many different discount cards someone possesses, there may also be armfuls of QR codes.

Dean went under the needle so he would never forget his Clubcard

One said: “Late game capitalism,” as another joked: “@Tesco you’ve got to change his membership number.”

A third added: “That’s brilliant,” while a fourth wrote: “F*****g class.”

Dean said he now uses it all the time: “I’m chuffed, I love it and use it all the time. I use it every morning when I go to Tesco before work.

“I used it this morning. It’s one of those things where I get to see people’s faces and make them smile.”

“One lady giggled and asked me for a photo” he admitted.

Dean says the tattoo works best on manned checkouts

Dean said at the moment of decision. “I’ve wanted to do it for ages, about three months I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I just thought it would be funny.

The QR barcode can be read by handheld scanners

“They’re (cashiers) just stunned and look at me and say ‘that’s not real’ and I say it is.

“I just thought it is what it is, even if it didn’t work it still looks alright.”

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Monkeys Grab Girl Through The Bars After She Repeatedly Hit Their Enclosure left people shocked.

A group of spider monkeys in a zoo exacted revenge on a young woman when they grabbed her by the hair because she kept banging their enclosure. The girl was captured on camera swinging towards the chain link fence enclosing the spider monkey enclosure while holding her phone in the other hand.

The girl is seen getting near enough to the enclosure fence when the video, which was released to TikTok and quickly went viral, shows a monkey reaching through to grab her by her hair.

Before other people can rescue the girl and frighten the animal away by waving towels at it, the monkey starts yelping and shrieking.

Fortunately, the girl didn’t seem too hurt after she was set free. However, things didn’t finish there because a few seconds later, the girl went straight by the monkeys in their cage again and got too near for them to re-grab her.

A girl was joking around at a Mexican zoo when a spider monkey grabbed her by the hair for nearly 13 seconds before a boy pulled her away. The footage was shared on TikTok last Saturday and had been viewed more than 8.1 million times as of Friday

This time, two monkeys join up to grab her hair, but the girl is able to rapidly free herself by pulling to freedom.

Many have questioned why she even went back for a second after being so near to the monkey enclosure in the video, which has received more than eight million views.

Many people agreed with the statement “sorry but she began it” made by one user.

Others questioned why the girl’s immediate surroundings didn’t intervene sooner because after she is first kidnapped, everyone just stands about and laughs for a short while.

The spider monkeys are able to grab hold of the girl's hair. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

Someone said ‘everyone laughing while she gets her wig snatched’, and another commented, ‘they just sitting back letting it happen do something’.

More comments expressed their belief that the girl — and indeed everyone — would learn from this experience that disturbing animals in their habitat is never a good thing.

The monkeys were able to grab the girl again as she walked past their enclosure. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

Although they appear to be little and cuddly, spider monkeys are wild animals that, if kept in captivity, may develop the habit of attempting to attack humans.

In general, it’s a good idea to remember the phrase “look, don’t touch” when it comes to zoo animals.

spider monkey | primate | Britannica

Despite her claims to the contrary, spider monkey expert Dr. Victoria Milne cautioned that approaching too closely and trespassing into the animals’ enclosures could be was “very disruptive.”

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Plus-size Woman hits back at trolls who say the husband is ‘too hot for her’

People who argue that a woman’s marriage is unsuitable for her due to her physical type have come under fire from the woman in question. Last year, TikTok star Kate and her husband Matthew opened a joint account on the app. To their 12,700-strong following, the pair frequently posts adorable movies and updates in an effort to commemorate their lives as newlyweds.

However, when people started criticizing Kate’s appearance in the comments, she reacted strongly.

In a recent video, Alicia criticized the responses to one of her videos as being especially unsatisfactory. The scene in question began with her and Scott wrapped in towels and ended with them looking groomed and prepared for a formal occasion.


My forever wedding date ♥️ @scottymc4 ||••

♬ original sound – cam

Despite the fact that the video received over 43 million views, Alicia realized that much of the attention it was getting came from those who were startled to learn that she and Scott were dating.

She called out viewers whose initial reaction had been to wonder why someone who was physically healthy would be with someone who was seen to be “fat” by society in a follow-up TikTok.

“The world looks at us and immediately values Scott more than me. And since we don’t add up, people try to add things to my side of the equation to make it make sense by saying things like, ‘Oh, she must not have been fat when they met’ or ‘Oh, she’s got to be rich,'” she said in the clip.


let’s address the trash beauty standards in the room ||••

♬ original sound – Alicia Mccarvell

“Or they try to decrease his side of the equation by saying things like, ‘He must be gay’ or ‘He fetishes fat women,'” Alicia continued.

“We’ve been made to believe that somebody who is physically fit like Scott could never in a million years be in love with or compatible with a fat woman. And that’s solely because the world has literally taught us that we have to value our worth on our bodies,” she added.

“On the scale of what my husband values, how well my body fits into the beauty standard is not at the top of his list. He values my humor and my commitment and my love and my caring heart — and none of these things he values about me changes when my body changes,” Alicia explained.

She ended the video by saying that it is our responsibility to “unlearn” the damaging ideas society has taught us.

“If this is the way you think, it’s the way you’ve been taught. However, it is your responsibility to unlearn it,” she told her followers.

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CO Tech Worker Fired After Posting TikToks Explaining How She Got A New Job That Raised Salary $20k

A Denver IT employee who explained on Tiktoks how she received a $20,000 raise at her new job, moving from $70,000 to $90,000, was fired.

The employer where Lexi Larson started their new work last month dismissed her two weeks later due to “security concerns” after learning about her salary transparency TikToks.

Lexi Larson was 'fired out of nowhere' 2 weeks into her new job after her boss found her TikToks account, where she posts salary transparency videos

On her TikTok account last month, Lexi Larson spoke about how she changed jobs and increased her salary from $70,000 to $90,000. There were 168,000 views of the video. She continued to make videos on how she obtained the job for the following two weeks.

Larson claimed that shortly after her employer found out about her TikTok account, she erased certain videos out of concern for their wrath.

Larson claimed in a later video that her posts led to her termination.

“So, TikTok got me fired,” said Larson, who goes into detail about knowing that talking about her salary is federally protected by law under the National Labor Relations Act and why she took down some videos.

“…They ended up firing me because they said me having this account was a safety concern because I could post something private,” Larson said.

Larson opted not to file a lawsuit and omitted to mention her old workplace. But her dismissal raises issues regarding what you can and cannot post on social media about your profession.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

When using electronic communications, such as social media, bear in mind that your company may have prohibitions prohibiting using their equipment, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

If Larson decides to file a lawsuit, she might have a strong case, according to Bennitta Joseph, a partner at the New York law firm Joseph & Norinsberg LLC.

“She should think about contacting a lawyer if she can show she was terminated for discussing her wages.” said Joseph, who noted that most employees are usually fired for disciplinary or performance reasons.

Employers will probably keep an eye on their employees’ social media accounts to make sure they aren’t engaging in any unlawful behavior, according to Bergman and Joseph.

TikTok' got her fired from her job for sharing her salary on the site -  Daily Hindustan News

“A company has a huge interest to make sure you are not engaging in discriminatory statements, disclosing trade secrets, threats of violence, and unlawful conduct,” Joseph said. “If they do find out that you are doing any of these, it could be grounds for termination.”

“The higher up you are, the more careful you have to be about what you post,” Joseph adds.

“I think it’s important to take a step back and be cautious when revealing personal information on social media,” Bergman said.

CO tech employee fired after posting TikToks explaining how she got a new  job that boosted salary by $20,000 - Todaycastlive

“Whether it’s an employer looking into your activities, or a potential swindler looking to take you of your money, I think it’s a dangerous road,” Bergman added.

He has another piece of advice.

“It’s probably better to keep your money matters offline,” Bergman concluded.

Source: dailymail.co.uk