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Plus-Sized Woman Calls Out Theme Parks For Not Catering To Larger People

A UK woman expressed her concerns about visiting amusement parks as a plus-sized visitor, even posting about her experience on TikTok to assist others.

In Surrey, England’s Thorpe Park, Heather O’Neill, 26, acknowledged she was concerned there might be problems. She said she was so concerned she wouldn’t fit on the rides that she almost didn’t go.

The fan of roller coasters documented her time at Thorpe Park in order to spread awareness about the problem, posting videos of her testing out various test seats on TikTok.

O'Neill said the staff were 'helpful and kind' when she couldn't fit in a seat.

She noticed that most ride seats, such as Stealth and Nemesis Inferno, were appropriate for her, however, she couldn’t fit in the Samurai seats but was still able to ride the ride.

Additionally, Heather was unable to experience Colossus, one of the park’s most well-known attractions.

Speaking to NTK, she said: “I tried to go on Colossus anyway – didn’t fit but staff were really nice and discreet and gave me a fast pass to another ride, so not bad.”


My guide to the seats at thorpe park for my fellow fat/plus size babes! I only didn’t fit on colossus! This is a fat positive page so no hate! 💖 #fatacceptance #fyp #bodypositive #fatpositive #haes #accessibility #fattok #fatokay

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She added: “The fact that I even have to think about if I will fit the rides is the first difference [in being a plus size customer].

“The feeling nervous before going, the pushing the seat down trying to get it to close. Worrying about how safe the ride will be for me, after that poor man died on a ride in America.”

Before traveling, the student mental health nurse admitted, that she worries about whether the seat will be too small or whether she’ll require a seat belt extender.

Heather said she made the TikTok to help other plus-sized customers.

“I used all the test seats that I could find, which most people don’t have to do,” added Heather. “But rides aren’t built for plus size/fat people, it’s about accessibility and making spaces inclusive for all bodies and accessibility needs.”

Heather, who characterized the employees as “friendly and kind,” reaffirmed that the problem was unrelated to them.

She said that whether it be theme parks, airplanes, or buses, “society isn’t structured for anyone who is outside of society’s norm of straight, able-bodied, and skinny.”

People thanked Heather for raising awareness on the issue. Credit: Jam Press

Numerous people thanked the TikToker for highlighting the issue, with one writing: “Thank you for normalizing this! No one should miss out because of the anxiety this creates!”

Another said: “Wish they could put test seats in a booth or something, not out in the open. I’d get so anxious having to do it in front of ppl.”

“I’m so so grateful for this,” commented a third. “I would have NEVER gone to a theme park before but might just have to try now!”

The 26-year-old said the staff were kind and discreet. Credit: Jam Press

Others were happy to see theme parks introducing test seats, including this person who wrote: “I went to Alton Towers years ago and it was humiliating having to get off rides instead.”

A spokesperson for Thorpe Park said of the issue: “At Thorpe Park Resort, we care deeply about creating magical experiences that are inclusive for all of our guests. 

“We have always strived to create accessible attractions where people can be themselves and enjoy fun experiences together. 

“From team training to listening to guest feedback, our priority is always focused on ensuring every one of our guests enjoys a magical day out with us at the UK’s most thrilling theme park.”

Source: unilad.co

A U.S. FCC commissioner urges Apple, and Google to ban TikTok from app stores

A Republican FCC commissioner has encouraged Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) and Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL.O) Google to remove Chinese-owned TikTok from their respective app stores.

In a letter to the CEOs dated June 24 and sent on FCC letterhead, Brendan Carr, the FCC commissioner, said that TikTok, a video-sharing app, had amassed enormous amounts of private information on American users that ByteDance employees in Beijing could access. TikTok’s Chinese parent is ByteDance.

Brendan Carr, commissioner of the FCC, posted on Twitter urging the tech giants to remove the video sharing platform ¿from their app stores for its pattern of surreptitious data practices'

Carr tweeted details of the letter on Tuesday.

“TikTok is not just another video app. That’s the sheep’s clothing,” Carr said on Twitter. “It harvests swaths of sensitive data that new reports show is being accessed in Beijing.”

Carr demanded that the businesses either take TikTok off of their app stores by July 8 or provide an explanation for their decision not to do so.

Carr included a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook, expressing why TikTok needs to be removed, citing a report from last week that ¿shed fresh light on the serious national security threats posed by TikTok
The letter continues with ¿some concerning¿ evidence to why the China-owned app should be removed
Carr also notes that several US military branches have banned TikTok on government issued devices and has urged personal to remove the app from their personal smartphones
Carr is giving the tech giants until July 8 to remove TikTok or explain why they chose not comply

Given that the FCC lacks a clear legal authority over the content of app stores, Carr’s request is uncommon. The FCC has the power to award firms with certain communications licenses, which it typically does in order to oversee the national security sector.

According to a TikTok spokesperson, the company’s engineers based abroad, including in China, may be given access to U.S. user data “as-needed” and under “tight safeguards.”

Apple did not immediately react to a request for comment, while Google declined to address Carr’s letter.

tiktok us ban: US FCC chief asks Apple, Google to remove TikTok from app  stores - The Economic Times

Due to the acquisition of personal data from US citizens, TikTok has come under regulatory scrutiny in the US. Because of concerns that U.S. user data would be sent to China’s communist government, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which evaluates deals by foreign acquirers for potential national security threats, ordered ByteDance to sell TikTok in 2020.

Requests for comment from a representative of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which heads CFIUS, were not immediately returned.

Apple and Google should ban TikTok, FCC commissioner says

“What we’re seeing here from Commissioner Carr is a suggestion that at least some parts of the U.S. government don’t think that this is enough,” Richard Sofield, a national security partner at law firm Vinson & Elkins LLP, said about TikTok’s partnership with Oracle.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The 37-Year Age Gap Couple Are Going To Spend £120,000 To Have Dream Baby Together

Having a baby is a goal for a married couple with a 37-year age difference, and they’re willing to spend up to £120,000 for a surrogate. Cheryl, 61, and Quran McCain, 24, who lives in Rome, were married in September 2021 and are now just a few months away from expecting their first child, who is due in the spring.

Quran and Cheryl announced last month they were ready to try and start having a family together. Credit: Jam Press

Quran has posted pictures of the couple’s bond on social media in an effort to counter the animosity they occasionally encounter.

Quran and Cheryl recently provided an update on their journey, saying they’re willing to spend £120,000 ($144,453) on a surrogate in order to have a child by 2023.

Last month, the couple made the decision to start a family together. They are ready to pay whatever price is necessary.

Quran told NeedToKnow.online: “Surrogates cost anywhere between £6,000-£120,000; we are lucky we have found the surrogate we have chosen.

A married couple with a 37-year age gap have revealed their plans to have a baby. Credit: Jam Press

“The baby will arrive late spring 2023.”

The child will be Cheryl’s seventh, while it will be Quran’s first. Cheryl also has 17 grandchildren.

“This is not Cheryl’s first rodeo,” Quran noted.

Quran said: “I am extremely excited, this is something I always wanted, to have a family with the love of my life.”

Cheryl added: “Another baby would be amazing for me and my family on this new journey. I have already planned on shopping for the baby and I’m hoping that we can throw a baby shower.”

The couple married in September 2021. Credit: Jam Press

The pair have been quite open on their TikTok channel about their desire to start a family together.

Replying to one user, they said: “We are more than ready to have this baby.”

They’ve also posted a video of Quran rubbing Cheryl’s stomach.

“Them flashbacks hit different,” the caption reads.

Despite the criticism they have received for their significant age difference, the duo has continued in using OnlyFans and TikTok to dispel numerous “misconception[s]”.

Quran has argued: “Even though it is an age gap we never think of it because Cheryl has a very young spirit, soul and heart.”

It will be Cheryl's seventh child. Credit: Jam Press

In a recent post, he stated he will ‘always love’ Cheryl ‘unconditionally’.

He concluded: “We get a mixture of positive and negative feedback. The worst is that I’m using her for money. Hate all you want, we still are going to live a normal life.

The pair have used TikTok to document their relationship journey and to challenge 'misconception[s]' about large age gaps between partners. Credit: Jam Press

“[…] At the end of day everyone’s gonna judge you for something so you might as well do what you feel is right and never let someone take your peace.”

Source: ladbible.com

Holidaymaker Skips Two-Hour Queue At Airport By Pretending He Needs A Wheelchair

A selfish traveler who lied about needing a wheelchair to bypass long airport queues has incited anger. When leaving Milas-Bodrum Airport on June 16, Wolf Jenkins took off his shoe and sock and acted as though he had sprained his ankle. He also put on a limp.

Wolf Jenkins grinned through the whole TikTok video

The 28-year-old was then asked by airport workers if he had the fight to fly form, but he said that he could walk if needed because his ankle was merely injured on the way to the airport.

But before he boarded the aircraft, staff members brought him a wheelchair and pushed him around the terminal.

He and his pal were then given private rows so Wolf could extend his leg while they were aboard. Wolf recorded his prank and posted it to TikTok, where it quickly gained popularity and more than a million views.

The airline let him have a whole row of seats to rest his leg

Wolf said: “I flew from Bodrum to Bristol at midnight. When we arrived at the airport the queue was out of the door and we knew we would have missed our flight.

“I’d say around a two-hour wait to get through security and check-in at least. The queue outside of the airport was insane, I didn’t expect it at all.

“I saw people in wheelchairs being pushed through so my friend waited in the queue and I went outside and took off my shoe and sock.

“I then limped back towards the door and a member of staff asked me if I needed assistance so I said I had twisted my ankle at the hotel just before getting into my taxi.

Wolf had been on holiday in Turkey

“I was then ushered through security and to check in immediately and they asked me if I had a fit to fly form but I said I have only just done it and that I could walk if necessary.

“But they said not to worry about it and let me through.

“We were originally in separate parts of the plane but they gave us a whole row of six seats to sit with each other and the staff was the same as who had been on the flight out there so they remembered us and were extremely friendly.

“It was all just a way to get through and make sure we didn’t miss our flight.”

Well, Wolf’s viral post has certainly received a mixed reaction online, with many hailing his actions: “Work smart, not hard.”

Another even said: “Get your money’s worth lad!”

However, some weren’t impressed, with one user saying: “Imagine pretending to need a wheelchair. My son actually needs a wheelchair and it’s not something anybody should be pretending about.”

Source: ladbible.com