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In Midst Of War, Ukraine President Zelensky and Wife Pose For US Vogue Cover has divided the internet

The Ukrainian leader was blasted online for posing for the magazine with his wife amid the ongoing military conflict. In the midst of the military war with Russia, the most recent issue of Vogue, which featured a glossy photoshoot with Ukrainian President Zelensky and his wife Olena, had a mixed response online.

Despite the fact that the story mostly focused on Zelenska, the couple was photographed together for the article by renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz.

It’s titled: ‘Portrait of Bravery: Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska.’

Following the article’s release, conservative lawmakers and commentators used the picture session as justification for why the US should not have given Ukraine $40 billion in aid to support its war against Russia.

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted: ‘While we send Ukraine $60 billion in aid Zelensky is doing photoshoots for Vogue Magazine. These people think we are nothing but a bunch of suckers.’

The article was written by Paris-based journalist Rachel Donadio. On Twitter, Donadio referred to the piece as: ‘One of the most moving and memorable assignments of my career.’ 

Zelenska told Vogue: ‘These have been the most horrible months of my life, and the lives of every Ukrainian.’

She went on: ‘Frankly I don’t think anyone is aware of how we have managed emotionally. We’re looking forward to victory. We have no doubt we will prevail. And this is what keeps us going.’

The former comedy writer added: ‘I like being backstage—it suited me. Moving into the limelight was quite difficult for me.’

Conservative activist Scott Presler tweeted: ‘Why did we send $54 billion to Ukraine, so Zelensky & his wife could pose for Vogue? You’re at war & you’ve got time for photo shoots?’

Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores tweeted: ‘Biden: Let’s continue to send billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine, they need it!’ She added: ‘Reality: The Zelensky family graces us with a photo shoot to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.’

Erwin said: ‘An outstanding profile. Olena Zelenska has done an incredible job representing her people, ensuring the world knows the story of women and children of Ukraine – and continuing to give voice to the many in need.’

Pro Ukrainian activist Val Voschevska posted an analysis of the photoshoot on an Instagram Post writing in part: ‘She is who she is and I love it. She looks like any of us after a long day at the office – the only difference is that her job is protecting her country from war.’

A Ukrainian citizen wrote in the comments section on Vogue’s official Instagram: ‘Thank you Vogue for bringing awareness about Ukraine from the voices of actual Ukrainians.’

Zelensky has also appeared on the cover of Wired magazine for their September/October release.

Zelensky said: ‘We are all in a social network. It is no longer about whether it is good or not; most of our lives are already online. People study online, get information; people read, and people use it. This is our world now. It is divided.

Amid the row, Zelensky has also appeared on the cover of Wired magazine for their September/October issue

‘The internet is a reality. It is not another world, but rather a modern reality. So if you want people to perceive you as you are, you must use what people use.’

‘The value of life has changed. So let’s say that my attitude has changed, as I do not pay attention to trivialities anymore, and there are clear aspects on which I am focused. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert was among those who was severely critical of the piece
One Twitter user went viral when she advised Zelensky and his wife to 'Read the room'There is no evidence to suggest that the aid sent by the Biden administration to Ukraine has anything to do with the Vogue pieceThe publication of the piece has also led to support from some quarters of social mediaMany users have pointed to the idea that Zelensky and Zelenska are using Vogue to keep reminding people about the plight in UkraineOne of the most prominent proponents of the piece was Verizon executive Tami Erwin

‘The question of the price of freedom, which we learned from books in school, has now become a reality. You know this price. You have seen the number of people who died.’ 

According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, more than 12,000 people have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the invasion. Millions more have been displaced. 

Just last week, Zelenska flew to Washington DC to meet with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. 

President Zelensky has been separated from his two children for security reasons since the war in Ukraine began early this year. Pictured here before war broke out in their home country

When asked what it was like to know that her family’s movement is being watched by Russia, Zelenska said: ‘I can’t think about it too seriously, because otherwise, I would become paranoid.’

She said of the dystopian novel ‘1984’ by George Orwell: ‘It’s a horrible coincidence. It’s a picture of what is happening in Russia these days.’ 

Speaking about his wife in the interview, the Ukrainian president said: ‘Of course, she is my love. But she is my greatest friend. She is also a patriot and she deeply loves Ukraine. It’s true. And she is an excellent mother.’

Zelensky and his wife First Lady Olena Zelenska have been married for 20 years. Pictured attending a wedding in 2019

The couple also recently appeared for an interview with Piers Morgan. 

The Ukrainian president told his wife: ‘When you are talking, your opinion has priority. What I would say is I don’t have any other experience. I’ve got only one wife and I am happy. I have one wife, one love and one family. I never got any feeling there was anything wrong with us in or in our relationship. Or maybe do you feel unhappy with me sometimes?,’ according to the Daily Telegraph. 

Zelensky continued: ‘The war is making our relationship stronger, that’s for sure.’ 

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The man who left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee invites another woman into his home

A second female refugee and her boyfriend have been welcomed into the household of a British father who left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee 10 days after she moved in.

After leaving his wife and the mother of their two children, Lorna Garnett, for Sofiia Karkadym, 22, Tony Garnett of West Yorkshire made headlines in May.

As Russia continued to invade Ukraine, Sofiia left the city of Lviv in the west of the country. As part of the UK government’s refugee rehoming program, the Garnetts welcomed her into their house.

Soon after Tony and Sofiia started to get along well, the security guard made the announcement that he was leaving the family to be with his new love.

Brit who dumped partner to run off with Ukrainian refugee invites ANOTHER  woman to share home | UK Times

The Daily Mail says that the couple has taken in a new young couple, Sofiia Rastorhuieva, 19, and her 18-year-old partner Illia Tronevych, now that they are renting their own home in Bradford.

After leaving their war-torn nation, the couple was expelled from the first Bradford residence they had been let into.

After posting a plea on Facebook, Tony and Sofiia K gave them a place to say.

Speaking about their previous situation, Sofiia R told the outlet: “I am glad that Tony and Sofiia have come to help us. We were very unhappy at that place.

“We only had one small sofa bed to sleep on and it was very uncomfortable. We had to do their washing, the laundry, and clean the place for them. We just didn’t feel right there.”

She continued: “We had nowhere to go. We are refugees from Ukraine. My hometown is Kremenchuk the same place where the Russians bombed a mall and killed many people last month.”

Illia added: “We need some comfort and we also need some understanding right now. It was a very nice thing for Tony and Sofiia to do to invite us into their home.”

Tony Garnett who left his wife Lorna Garnett for Ukrainian refugee Sofiia  Karkadym invites another woman to share home

“I know people see me as this sort of cheeky chappy who hops from bed to bed because I left my partner Lorna and two daughters,” Tony said.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. My relationship with Lorna had broken down for some years and we were living as brother and sister.

“Since Sofiia arrived I have managed to smile a lot and be happy again. I’m going to make her my wife.”

He went on to say: “I am all about humanity and kindness and when I saw that these two Ukrainians needed help, I sat down and spoke with Sofiia about it.

“I asked her if she thought it might be a good idea to let them live with us for a while as we have a second room.

Father-of-two, 29, who left partner for Ukrainian refugee plans to MARRY  her and start a family - Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

“It’s not ideal because I don’t have a lot of money myself and I need a job. But we need to help others.”

Source: ladbible.com

Russia ‘Accidentally Shoots Down One Of Its Own $40million Fighter Jets Over Eastern Ukraine’

Russia accidentally shot one of its $40 million fighter jets over eastern Ukraine. On Sunday night, a pro-Russian Telegram channel posted a video of a burning wreck falling over Luhansk and claimed that Moscow’s soldiers had shot it down.

The aircraft’s side was inscribed with the words “Russian Aerospace Forces.” Alongside the video, he wrote: ‘Last night, the air defense crew of the allied forces destroyed a target in the sky over Alchevsk (LPR). 

Russian jet wreck
Russian jet wreck

 ‘The nature of the target is not clear. The burning ball fell to the ground for more than a minute.’

According to the allegations, Putin’s troops unintentionally shot one of their own aircraft, a rare, $40 million Su-34 fighter-bomber type.

Shortly after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu instructed his anti-air defenses to target American-made HIMARS rockets first, a plane was shot down.

Writing on the side of the plane appeared to read '¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿' which is an acronym for Russian Aerospace Forces, while a partial serial number revealed the jet as an Su-34M

Putin’s anti-air defenses appear to be straining to stop HIMARS from wreaking havoc on Russia’s invasion by destroying headquarters and ammunition stockpiles far from the frontlines.

Respected security reporter Michael Weiss connected the two incidents by tweeting, “They just downed their own Su-34, shooting for HIMARS.”

Yevgeny Poddubny, who runs a pro-Russian Telegram channel and frequently publishes videos of Putin’s forces attacking Ukraine, first made the incident public.

The incident first came to light overnight Sunday when pro-Kremlin channels published footage of a flaming wreck falling from the sky near Alchevsk - saying their force shot it down

He tweeted a video of a flaming ball falling from the sky over the city of Alchevsk in the Russian-occupied region of eastern Ukraine late on Sunday.

‘The nature of the target is not clear. The burning ball fell to the ground for more than a minute.’

Video of the disaster that circulated the following morning appeared to show the smoldering remnants of a Su-34 fighter-bomber.

The night sky lights up orange as the wreck of the jet crashes to the ground near Alchevsk, in just the latest humiliation for Putin's military

What appeared to be the words “ВКС Роcсия”—an acronym for “Russian Aerospace Forces”—were visible on the side of the aircraft.

When the aircraft was being developed, Russia boasted that it had upgraded avionics, radar, communications systems, electronic warfare, and weapon systems.

It possesses about twice the combat power of the base aircraft, according to Yury Slyusar, President of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation.

Nearly five months into what was intended to be a few days-long “special military operation,” losing such a sophisticated and uncommon jet is just the most recent example of Putin’s forces being humiliated on the battlefield.

Just 10 Su-34M fighter-bombers have ever been built and they are one of Russia's most-advanced jets, costing around $40million each (file image)

Since then, Russia’s army, once regarded as the second-best in the world, has been forced to withdraw from Kyiv and much of northern Ukraine as their offensive halted.

After giving up on seizing the capital, Putin’s generals focused on capturing the eastern Donbas in its entirety in an effort to encircle a significant portion of the Ukrainian army.

However, months of fierce warfare resulted in the conquest of three cities: Mariupol in the south, Severodonetsk, and Lysychansk in the north. This plan has also failed.

In order to provide Putin with the best bargaining position possible when it comes time to reach a peace agreement, Russia’s major goal in the fight currently appears to be to cling to the meager gains it has gained since the war began.

While this is going on, Ukraine is staking what little manpower it still has and any weaponry it can procure from the West on retaking territory before support for the conflict wanes.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The Man who left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee becomes a full-time carer after she goes partially blind

Tony Garnett vigorously defended Sofiia Karkadym, his new partner, claiming that “she’s no homewrecker” and that splitting from his ex-partner was the “proper thing to do.”

The 29-year-old said that Ms. Karkadym had been falsely accused of ending their romance when they first started dating.

Since the two left the home they shared with his former girlfriend, Lorna, and moved into a leased home in Bradford, he said that a “weight has been lifted off our shoulders.”

The council stated that additional changes to their home were required before they could get assistance through the Homes for Ukrainians scheme, putting the new couple under additional financial strain as a result of her eye surgery.

Father-of-two, who left their partner of 10 years for Ukrainian refugee plans to marry her and start a family.

Sofiia arrived at Garnett's family home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in May after fleeing the conflict in her native Ukraine, but within days the pair had developed a connection

In order to care for Ms. Karkadym, who is partially blind in her right eye, Mr. Garnett told Metro.co.uk that he had quit his shift job. He also stated that he saw himself as her full-time carer.

“People are painting her as a villain who has come to the UK and stolen a British man,” he said.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a mutual decision.

Sofiia has now gone partially blind following an eye operation, it has emerged

“It wasn’t as if we had met each other and decided then and there to move out. I was leaving regardless, because I’d had enough of Lorna, who took against Sofiia straight away.

“There was a lot of drama and a lot of stress when we lived with Lorna.

“Whenever I came home it was difficult for Sofiia and me to be around her at a time when we should have been helping a refugee make a new life here.

The 29-year-old told The Sun that he and his new love have incurred a torrent of hateful abuse online over their decision, while some people threatened to try and get Sofiia deported

“I just wanted to take Sofiia away and look after her, I wanted to help someone who was fleeing from Ukraine.

“She’s not a homewrecker.

“I left to help her, and what happened after has happened, but it takes two to tango. She is being called a homewrecker on social media while I am having messages saying congratulations.”

In a recent post to her Instagram page, the Ukrainian IT worker said what she took to be a few facts of the matter.

Jilted mother Lorna (pictured with ex-partner Tony) shared her anger after she let the Ukrainian woman into her home
Sofiia Karkadym (pictured) arrived in the UK at the start of May after fleeing the war in Ukraine

She said Garnett’s decision to leave his long-term partner was a ‘conscious and considered’ one. 

She again denied that she ‘stole’ anyone and attacked media coverage of the story which she said was ‘clearly exaggerated and written in such a way as to be as dramatic as possible.’

‘The first thing I want to say is that I did not steal anyone from the family. It was his conscious and considered decision, the decision of a 29-year-old man who has the right to fall in love, has the right to be happy and has the right to choose who to be with,’ Sofiia wrote.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Father-of-two, who left their partner of 10 years for Ukrainian refugee plans to marry her and start a family

The British father who fled with a refugee from Ukraine after she moved in with him and his partner has expressed his desire to wed her. Tony Garnett claims that he and Sofia Karkadym intend to start a family after she persuaded him to try to reverse a vasectomy he had after having two children with his ex.

? Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 - all rights reserved . 05/07/2022. Bradford , UK . SOFIIA KARKADYM (22) and TONY GARNETT (29) pose for photos in and around Bradford City Hall . Photo credit : Joel Goodman
? Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 - all rights reserved . 05/07/2022. Bradford , UK . SOFIIA KARKADYM (22) and TONY GARNETT (29) pose for photos in and around Bradford City Hall . Photo credit : Joel Goodman

Ten days after Sofiia arrived in the UK from war-torn Ukraine, the 29-year-old security guard moved out of his former home with Lorna and into a leased home in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: ‘I want to propose to this beautiful lady.’

? Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 - all rights reserved . 05/07/2022. Bradford , UK . TONY GARNETT (29) and SOFIIA KARKADYM (22) pose for photos in and around Bradford City Hall . Photo credit : Joel Goodman

Sofiia added: ‘We are planning our life together. I want to be a mother. I want to have children. 

‘I am a young woman so it can wait a few years and I hope that Tony can have his vasectomy reversed so that we can become a family together.’

Despite having only been dating for two months, the couple intends to travel to Ukraine to meet Sofiia’s parents so Tony may propose to her.

? Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 - all rights reserved . 05/07/2022. Bradford , UK . TONY GARNETT (29) and SOFIIA KARKADYM (22) pose for photos in and around Bradford City Hall . Photo credit : Joel Goodman
Tony Garnett and Sofiia Karkadym

Tony said: ‘I want to say that out of Putin’s evil has come something really good for me and her.’

He said he will formally propose once their situation is more stable, adding: ‘I want to make it special so we’re just going to wait until we have found somewhere proper to live where we can settle.’

Tony described the reaction to their coupling up as ‘mad’, saying: ‘I picked up 5,000 Instagram followers yesterday and she got 7,000 for no reason at all.

Security guard Tony Garnett, 29, said nothing happened with the 22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym until after they moved out

‘People are fascinated with us.’

Sofiia said: ‘The news about Tony and me has reached Ukraine and my family called me and said they were very upset and at one stage they said they were never going to talk to me again.

‘But I have explained to them that Tony was not married and that we innocently fell in love and this is a permanent thing.

Tony Garnett said that he and Sofiia Karkadym (pictured together), 22, also hope to have children together - if doctors can reverse the vasectomy he had after having two children with his previous partner

‘I was upset that my family read the stories that say a Ukrainian girl had gone to Britain and stolen somebody’s husband.

‘I am worried that the Russians will use this as propaganda to try and show the Ukrainians cause trouble wherever they go.’

Tony Garnett said that he and Sofiia Karkadym (pictured together), 22, also hope to have children together - if doctors can reverse the vasectomy he had after having two children with his previous partner

After Sofiia started having eye issues, Tony is now her caregiver. He said: ‘Sofiia picked up an infection while in Germany and it got really bad when she arrived at Manchester Airport. She had an operation on it a few weeks back.

‘She can only see partially through it at the moment and that’s a bit worrying. But the doctors have said it will take six months for it to heal properly.

The IT manager (pictured) is now renting a property in Bradford with Garnett after he left his partner and kids

‘She has just got a National Insurance number which will help with treatment.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Russian missile suffers a classic malfunction; boomerangs into troops who fired it

Several shocking videos from various fighting zones have repeatedly appeared amid the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Some of them are horrifying, brutal, and heartbreaking. However, a video of a single malfunctioning Russian surface-to-air missile executing a spectacular U-turn and crashing into the firing troops has gone viral.

The spectacular failure reportedly happened early on Friday morning close to the town of Alchevsk, which is located approximately 55 miles south of Severodonetsk, the scene of the worst battle.

The video depicts a Russian missile from a volley that was fired in the Luhansk region rotating 180 degrees in midair and crashing into a target that is remarkably close to its point of launch.

The air defense missile system, which may have been an S300, may have been operated by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine from the secessionist Luhansk People’s Republic, according to reports. Although unlikely, some have theorized that the problem might have been brought on by a lingering Ukrainian drone that jammed or compromised the system.

Return to sender! Russian missile U-turns and smashes into troops who fired  it in malfunction | Daily Mail Online

According to local media sources, a fire broke out at the scene not far from homes. There were no reports of injuries sustained by Russian or separatist forces during the incident.

A residential neighborhood in northeastern Riyadh was hit in 2018 by a US-made Patriot air defense missile that was malfunctioning and being deployed to intercept ballistic missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi party.

Throughout the three-month fight, Ukraine used loitering drones to strike targets, most notably the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone, which Russia’s much-lauded anti-aircraft missile systems had trouble neutralizing.

Although it costs the city of Severodonetsk to be essentially destroyed, Russia has been employing its concentrated artillery barrages to force Ukrainian positions there back over time.

Ukraine has requested long-range, high-precision artillery missile weaponry from the West due to Russia routinely bombing their munitions production and storage facilities and their artillery running out of ammunition.

The majority of the military equipment and other supplies have come from the United States. It recently announced that it would provide new weaponry valued at another 450 million dollars, including four HIMARS rocket launchers.

In the scorching battlefields close to Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in the east, the systems provide a capability that Ukraine desperately lacks. They have the ability to simultaneously launch a large number of precision missiles with a 50-mile range.

Source: dailymail.co.uk